Florists always deliver such breath taking arrangements, bouquets you may never achieve at home. 

Those bouquets you see in flower shops may take your breath away but nothing is nicer than a   personal bouquet that’s just right for your family or friend. 

bouquetsYou don’t need to go down the glamorous path of bouquets; you just need to decide your “floral style” for signature bouquets. 

  1. Creating classic floral bouquets

OK, so you want your bouquets to have that “florist look”.  First, there are a few florist cheats!

Some florists spray arrangements with hair lacquer to keep them from losing petals.  Some add sugar to water to keep them fresher longer, some keep flowers in a dark, well ventilated room to keep them fresher longer. Some florists use a tiny touch of fabric softner wiped across broad leaves to make them shinier. 

Floral Foam is the secret to most low arrangements (they usually come in a pretty, opaque vase) as it keeps the flowers in the exact right spot.  When you select your flowers, be sure to choose fresh, new blooms as a single brown petal brings a sleek, chic arrangement down. 

Don’t choose hard, small buds as these may have been picked too soon, and may never open.  Choose flowers based not only on the colour of your room, but on length of stem, shape and size of each flower and look for a few arty contrasts that will make the bouquets really pop. 

  1. Alternative thinkers! 

Flower shops tend to use flowers specially bred for straight, long stems, vivid colours, long life and perfect shapes.  If you’re more “perfectly imperfect” and a bit of a nature lover, consider taking a stroll in the countryside and seeking out wildflowers.  They can be difficult to arrange as many have short, soft, weak stems, so really investigate before you pick. 

Using flowers from your own garden or from an enjoyable afternoon’s stroll through the country, will make for a happier, homelier bunch. 

  1. Aroma-addicts 

It’s hard to believe how many air fresheners are on the market when the world is filled with the delightful scents of flowers.  Consider peppering bouquets with strands of Jasmine for a tangy, bright scent when you arrive home from work. 

Plant pretty hyacinth, peonies, lilacs and lavender in your garden for a bright soft and fragrant bunch, ideal for bathrooms, kids rooms and high traffic hallways (I always use lavender near my husband’s shoe rack!). 

  1. Foodies 

While not strictly a bouquet, keeping fresh herbs in your kitchen or hanging drying herbs fills your home with cooking aromas.  

For me, the smell of herbs drying conjures up memories of many great meals.  Rosemary and Basil both offer a cool fresh smell that can disguise any hint of oily cooking smells.  A handful of herbs enhances just about any bouquet and is very hip and in right now. 

  1. A family affair 

Perhaps the most beautiful of all, is the bouquet you create while teaching your children about gardening. 

Little ones love to putter about in the garden and are always delighted at the first sight of a new shoot.  Teaching children about garden care will give them a life time of happiness. 

Harvesting the flowers they’ve grown from seed or bulb not only teaches them important lessons but gives them pride in what they’ve created.  The easiest flowers to grow will depend on your location, but annuals and bulbs give great results very quickly. 

Kid favourites include marigolds, daffadils, day lilies, pansies, impatiens, sweat peas and ever kid’s favourite, sunflowers. 

Floral arrangements and bouquets don’t need to be about being “just right” they need to be “just you”. 

Enjoy your garden, enjoy the creative process, enjoy the result and your home arrangement will be even more special than having a florist deliver! 

Bianca Pevreal owns Flower Shop, Brisbane

She believes in creating something special and unique for her clients.  At home, she loves nothing more than experimenting with different aromas, shapes, sizes and creative projects with her family.

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