It sounds obvious, but our jobs play a big part in our lives.  

From the moment we clock in at 9 and leave at the day’s end, most of us spend 8 hours a day trying to do a good job. Without it we don’t get paid – and with no money we can’t live.

As such we try to enjoy what we do, but unfortunately many people get that horrible feeling of dread on a Sunday night and count down the hours until Friday.  

become a better employeeIf you recognise that feeling then read on, because there’s plenty of things you can do to not only start to actually enjoy your job you’ll become a better employee at the same time.

Here’s six simple steps you can take to become a better employee:

Tip 1 to become a better employee – Be on time

The first step towards becoming a better employee is by actually turning up on time. You wouldn’t believe how many co-workers cite their colleague’s lateness as top of their list of pet hates in employee surveys. If your colleagues think you are taking liberties, you’ll not only go down in their estimation you’ll demotivate the team too. A workforce which pulls together sticks together and achieves more in the long-run – so be on time and be healthy. 

Tip 2 to become a better employee – Respect your colleagues 

In the working environment you are placed into a situation where you have to work with people who you would often not socialise with outside of work. As such, respect is key – whether it’s their race, their gender, their beliefs or their sexuality. You may need to bite your tongue at times to maintain office harmony. You may need to accept their religious beliefs mean they wear different clothes to you – whatever the differences, by respecting your colleagues you’ll be doing your bit for your business. 

Tip 3 to become a better employee – Be smart 

Studies have shown that clothes play a big part in feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. If you turn up to work looking shabby, then don’t be surprised if your work’s shabby too. If you look smart and presentable you will feel better in yourself, in your confidence of doing a good job and your boss will be pleased too. If he or she has a smart workforce they are representing the company as a smart and presentable one. 

Tip 4 to become a better employee – Set goals 

Yes your job pays you money, but can money truly make you happy? Although the more money you have the more things you can buy, can you really put a price on achieving goals, hitting targets and delivering high-quality work and the resulting praise? If you set clear goals each week and aim to hit them the feeling of self-satisfaction is truly worthwhile. Plus, if you think like this and get into this mindset by detaching yourself from your paycheck, you’ll be in line for a raise soon enough. 

Tip 5 to become a better employee – Look for solutions 

It’s hard to be cheerful if you’re not happy in your job, but do you really want to be that employee which brings the morale of the whole team down? Every office has one and they do nothing for the atmosphere. If a project’s not going to be delivered on time, or someone is not pulling their weight, look for solutions rather than complain about it. If you have the can-do attitude you’ll help people stay on track. 

Tip 6 to become a better employee – Get involved 

Finally, many people report feelings of frustration with their work. The same tasks. The same faces. The same daily grind.

However, rather than complain about your role, why not put yourself forward and get involved with special projects? Perhaps there’s extra research which needs to be done or perhaps you have skills which could be used in another part of the business? Be proactive and get your name out there and you’ll be noticed. It could even lead to a career change! 

become a better employeeThis post was written by ETS plc, a provider of 360 degree feedback. These employee surveys help provide businesses with anonymous feedback, helping to plan development and set goals.