In Preventing Home Accidents, author Dan Hannan, CSP, tells us the dangers that are hidden in every home and shares expert advice to keep us safer.

No one thinks of their home as a hazardous or dangerous place — for most of us it is a safe haven, the place where we feel the most secure.

In reality, though, you are ten times more likely to sustain a serious or fatal injury at home than you are at work.

Home safety accidents disable more than twelve million people each year and are the fifth leading cause of death. Obviously there is a statistical gap between what we think we know and what we actually know about home safety. Since a staggering 45% of all unintentional deaths occur in and around the home, this makes the home environment one of the most hazardous settings we inhabit!

Dan Hannan, CSP, has been an educator and trainer on safety issues for more than twenty years. As an expert, he knows there are immediate things people can do to increase safety for themselves and their families, but how can we do this if we aren’t even aware there is a problem?

In his one-of-a-kind book, Preventing Home Accidents: A Quick & Easy Guide (Hunter House), Hannan identifies the hazards that exist in every home and recommends safety practices that will help homeowners reduce lethal accidents by providing information adapted from proven techniques used by safety professionals.

Prevention is the key and, with that in mind, Hannan’s book is filled with anecdotal descriptions and examples that offer way more than “safety tips” because it educates the homeowner in how to control risk through hazard identification.

preventing accidentsTopics include everything from fall hazards to electrical safety, fire prevention, safe chemical use, hand and power tool safety, and many others. Each chapter identifies problems and illustrates safety practices, providing action items for proactive prevention. There are “cheat sheets” at the end of each chapter to enable readers to be able to do a home safety audit themselves, giving references to links and other resources.

Since statistics show that 75% of all unintentional injuries and deaths in the home hinge on our behavior and on the decisions we make, it’s evident that the first and most important home safety decision we should make is to improve our hazard recognition skills and become more safety conscious.

Homeowners cannot rely on product recalls or state and federal agencies to gauge the safety of their home or their loved ones – they must do it themselves. With the simple techniques offered in this unique book, readers will be given the tools necessary to take charge of this important issue and hopefully prevent accidents from ever happening.

Dan Hannan, CSP, is an educator and trainer on safety issues, and an authorized OSHA instructor and Hazardous Material Manager who routinely trains construction and general industry workforces. He has been a safety, health and environmental professional for over twenty years and has written several articles for national trade publications.