Kuske Math, Inc. today announces their 4-group Math method for Pre K and Kindergarten Level 1 (basic facts to 5) is now available free of charge to everyone.

4-group Math(TM) is designed to address the math crisis that continues to plague our children.

“It is a new way to teach number sense to children, more than 60% of whom are visual and/or kinesthetic learners,” notes Lynn Kuske, founder.

The introductory video and 8 step progression videos (a series of 3-12 minute lessons) can be accessed at ww.4groupmath.com and will give teachers and parents the ability to understand and teach this revolutionary methodology to all children.

4-group Math (TM), a base-ten model which remains consistent across place-values, uses a unique visual model for conceptualizing the quantity of a number and for composing and decomposing those numbers. 

It is the first method of its kind that leverages what the child’s brain already has the ability to do — subitize four objects in a square pattern. Simply stated, subitizing is the rapid, accurate and confident understanding of the quantity of a set of objects–without counting. The ability to subitize four objects in a square pattern exists in all children (and adults).

Complementing the way the brain already works best, 4-group Math(TM), teaches kids how to “know” a number of objects without counting them. 

This instills confidence and quick recall that, in turn, develop a stronger sense of numbers in children at an earlier age. This evidence-based program has been taught in homes and in schools for years and more recently in classes at the Kuske Math Center in Bellevue where they have seen consistent positive results across grades Pre K to 3.

In fact, in a 2009 preschool pilot study, Kuske Math students outperformed the control group by 46%.

“The math crisis is real and we cannot continue to teach the way we have for the past 50 years,” remarks Lynn Kuske. “We continue to see third graders fail when the curriculum moves from counting to recall, when the numbers become too big to count accurately, and when the children cannot memorize their multiplication facts. Without the basics they cannot move on to higher math concepts.”

“The Kuske program has been a tremendous help to math learning for our primary grade students and teachers. Thanks to using this approach, our students are definitely growing in their number sense, computational skills, and confidence with math. The program provides clear and engaging visuals, helpful manipulatives, and excellent training,”
remarks Steve Kennedy, Principal, Bellevue Christian Elementary, WA.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this method free of charge to everyone. I have seen it work with so many children including my own. It is rewarding to hear young children explain math relationships with such confidence early on rather than from rote memorization,” adds Melissa Lloyd, Kuske Math President.

Kuske Math, Inc. was officially founded in 2008 with the goal to give all children a chance at math success. Their unique method, 4-group Math(TM), addresses the Common Core State Standards and is taught through the use of unique hands-on learning materials and can be adapted to any preschool or elementary math curriculum. Perfect for the classroom or home use, the 4-group Math(TM) Starter Kit, a unique set of blocks, games and other learning materials that complement the method, is also available online and can be purchased at www.4groupmath.com. Online games for children and Kindergarten Level
2-Grade 3 are currently in development.