Did you know what other lesser-known holiday also falls this month? Children’s Book Week (May 7th to 13th), the national celebration of reading for youth.

Better World Books collects and sells books online to donate books and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. With more than 8 million new and used titles in stock, it’s a self-sustaining, triple-bottom-line company that creates social, economic and environmental value. 

To date, the company has raised over $11 million for libraries and literacy, and diverted millions of books from landfills.

Make it your new favorite holiday – Children’s Book Week!

What’s the best time to learn the love of reading?  Better World Books agrees with me — the sooner the better.  That’s why I wanted to spread the word about Children’s Book Week, the national celebration of reading for youth that kicks off May 7th.

The observance of Children’s Book Week (administered by Every Child A Reader and sponsored by the Children’s Book Council) honors the life-changing potential of a book, especially during a young person’s formative years.

Here are a few ways to celebrate for Children’s Book Week (and all year long!):

  • Buy a book from BetterWorldBooks.com.  With every book purchased, they donate a book to someone who needs it.  The vast majority of donations goes to Books for Africa and Feed the Children.
  • Pick out one of your (or one of your parents’) favorite books from childhood and introduce it to your kid at bedtime. 
  • Spend some time at your local library.  Even a few minutes here and there in our busy schedule will help instill a lifelong love of books.
  • Pen your own children’s book to read to your kids.  Have them also write their own to read to you, too!
  • Pick out 5 books, either from your own collection or from a book store, to donate to literacy campaigns throughout the world (Better World Books is a great example of one such outlet.)

And, Better World Books is reducing the price on a huge selection of used children’s books.  

Shop their Children’s Book Week sale selection and get 3 used books for $9, and any additional used books for $3 each.

Children’s Book Week kicks off on May 7th, and ends on the 13th.  So get reading!!

Pat Wyman

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