For the stay at home parent, social media can be the only regular outlet to express their personal thoughts and feelings about Autism.  

The busy life of being a parent is challenging enough.  Add on to the list of being the husband/wife and needing to take care of a  special needs child – and you have yourself some of the busiest people on the planet. 

Many Parents of children with Autism use social media to raise awareness for autism. Social media allows us the opportunity to maximize our available time.  

People want to contribute something in life, and sometimes all they get is 140 characters expressing a challenging moment or sharing something encouraging to someone else.

  • Many Parents of children with Autism don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time with other adults – unless it’s other parents who understand and are going through similar situations. 

Through blogging and parents who use social media to raise awareness for autism we can get a glimpse of what life is like with Autism.  We can connect with others and share with them our thoughts and ideas about Autism.  At the same time we can educate others (and ourselves) on the various issues surrounding Autism. 

I know through personal experience that by my own family reading the stories on Autisable they were better able to understand what my wife and I were going through.   These were not our stories, but that of others who were just sharing their journey. 

On another note, social media allows us to connect with others in similar situations – letting each other know that we are not alone in this journey. 

I can’t share enough the e-mails and messages I receive from people expressing how grateful they are to know there is a place they can go to – and know that they are not alone. 

In this respect – Social Media and Blogging has encouraged people when they feel lost or alone.

People need to know there are others in similar situations – and many of these people have gone through similar hurdles with their children.   

The only real challenge isn’t the technical use of social media – but rather how to share one’s journey effectively. 

You can do this rather easily by:

  1. Choosing a website to host your blog.  If you want to share about Autism – I suggest blogging on

  2. Have a facebook account and use it to share tidbits about your life with Autism.  Highlight your blog posts on your account.  If your blog has quite a following (500 or more people per month), create a facebook fanpage.

  3. Have a twitter account  – and connect your facebook fan page with your twitter account.

  4. If you are into creating videos, then have a youtube account. 

Keep the focus simple and about your journey.  Make it personal.   If you are concerned about privacy, change people’s names – use alterego’s.  Remember, it’s the story that’s important – names can be changed to protect people. 

Find what social media outlets work best for you.  Do you find little snippets work best – or would full blown blog posts work better?   

How much time do you have to devote to blogging?  If just once a week, that is ok, there’s no time constraint but what you set on yourself.

Joel Manzer

Joel Manzer is the lead editor for, a site which publishes real blogs by people tackling the puzzle of autism.

Autisable was born following a difficult two year process when Joel’s son was diagnosed with autism. It was at that moment that his life-long mission became clear. He began helping not only his own family but the millions of others who deal with autism’s triumphs and challenges in everyday life.

Joel manages Autisable with the same love and determination in his own life. He invites you to become a member of the community which laughs, cries and shares their comments and questions about autism at

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