Premier educational program for students looking to gain competitive edge draws applicants from around the world to its Canadian campus. 

As college admissions and entry into the workforce become more difficult, high school students are spending their summer breaks trying to increase their competitive edge.  

This summer, The Dwight Global Leaders Academy will once again host its immersive two-week program from July 27- August 10 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, for those students wanting to pursue their “spark of genius” and take the competitive edge on their future. 

The Dwight Global Leaders Academy is more than just a summer program.  This seasonal institute is a comprehensive, hands-on leadership program open to high school students from around the world.

The academy’s educational model transforms student potential into action. It challenges the traditional, passive notion of leadership and champions innovation, enthusiasm and the unstoppable energy of young people to create beneficial change. 

The educational philosophy of The Dwight Global Leaders Academy is based on that of The Dwight Family of Schools: global vision, community service and personalized learning. 

Each day of the two-week camp is comprised of a central theme to exemplify each of these pillars, including Strength Based Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Effective Communication and Multiple Lens and New Ways to Lead.  These days of centralized subject matter are interspersed with offsite community service activities, such as lending assistance to the Boys and Girls Club.  

Students have multiple opportunities to put their new expertise into practice, joining a robust community of leaders, their peers and mentors, as they master the key skills that will give them the competitive edge the need to influence positive change now and into the future. 

Dwight has consistently produced successful global leaders, with graduates attending such leading colleges and universities as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton and Oxford.  Recently, a former student of The Dwight Global Leaders Academy was awarded the US Congressional Medal for Service.  

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About the Dwight Global Leaders Academy 
The Dwight Global Leaders Academy is a partnership between the Institute for Civic Leadership and the Dwight Family of Schools (, a worldwide network of educational organizations committed to global vision, community service and personalized learning, with campuses and programs in New York, London, Vancouver Island, Beijing and Seoul.

The Academy was created to inspire and educate the next generation of global student leaders to take positive action in their local and global communities. The DGLA provides students critical leadership skills so that every young leader can plan, execute and promote their own unique service project and, in the process gain, critical life skills essential for university admittance and beyond.