With something like 10,000 camps in the United States, parents often feel over-whelmed when it comes to choosing a summer camp experience for their teen.

Many teens are reluctant to try anything new, feeling that they might not fit in, might make a fool of themselves or because they will have to leave the “comfort zone” of their neighborhood, or the camp they have attended for the past several years. 

While returning to a summer camp year after year may be fun, it usually doesn’t do much for expanding horizons and developing new skills.

The teen years are a time of preparation for adulthood – a time to expand ones circle of friendship and develop skills which will last a lifetime. 

Attendance at a traditional residential summer camp is great for introducing a child to many recreational pursuits, but in most cases doesn’t provide opportunities to advance very far in any given  skill area.

These days there is a wealth of opportunity for teens to concentrate in an area of interest.

They can choose a summer camp for kayaking, mountain biking, photography, foreign languages, rock climbing, soccer, windsurfing, theater and a host of other activities.

The Columbia Gorge Teen Camps were created to add to these summer camp opportunities.  The Columbia Gorge is in the heart of America’s outdoor paradise…snow-capped peaks, ancient forests, raging rivers and crystal-clear lakes. 

Combine this setting with experienced outdoor educators and world class outdoor athletes and you have the formula for a first-class outdoor recreation experience. 

Campers will be arriving from as far away as Russia and Japan to further their interest in climbing and mountaineering, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, photography, backpacking, canoeing, etc. 

Future years will see the addition of other activities such as mountain biking and kayaking. 

Several on-line summer camp directories cater to teens and their parents, just do a search for teen summer camp, or more specifically teen theater camps, or teen climbing camps, etc.   You will be amazed at the opportunities that exist. 

For further information go to ColumbiaGorgeTeenCamps.com.

About Robert Hanson

Mr. Hanson is recognized as an expert on camps for teens with many, many years of experience. His background includes: 

B.A. in Recreation, Washington State University; M.A. in Recreation, Washington State University; Doctorate in Recreation, Indiana University; Camp Director, Olympia, WA. YMCA; Faculty at San Diego State Univ. Full Professor; Specialty-Camp Administration & Camp Leadership; Now Professor-Emeritus following early retirement.

He has worked in a variety of summer camps from Hawaii to Minnesota during summer vacations; camp director, trip head, etc. 

He is owner of Trinity River Rafting Center, Willow Creek, CA., Mountain Camp, Pollock Pines, CA., Owner California Camp Realty;