A young woman who never dreams ‘small’ is helping to transform lives!

Have you ever set a major goal in life such as becoming an award-winning actress, being signed by a record company or publishing a book?

Bridgette Murphy dared to dream big, be bold, fierce and transformed and guess what? She became a successful author and had an opportunity to act with Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

If you don’t dare to pursue a dream then life will pass you by, leaving you to ask: “What if?”

Bold, Fierce and TransformedIn Bridgette Murphy’s Bold, Fierce and Transformed: The Process of Life-Changing Transformation, she shares how to be bold enough to recognize the barriers but daring enough to move forward in order to accomplish our goals; in other words, how to reach our full capacity in spite of life’s adversities!

“It’s about learning to be bold, fierce and transformed as well as persistent, and passionate enough to break through every obstacle and reach your desired destination,” says Murphy.

Not willing to accept the barriers life delivered, she chose instead to dedicate her life, gifts, and talents to inspiring others and helping them come into their purpose.

This is profoundly evident in her book which offers the encouragement to press beyond internal and external barriers, pursue your passion and God-given purpose – and reach your true potential.

Bold, Fierce and Transformed is a life-changing book that invites you to take a transformational journey.

It is a practical guide to help readers understand that no matter where they are now, it’s not where they always have to be.

Infused with inspirations, Bold, Fierce and Transformed challenges each reader to stretch beyond their comfort zone and venture into a land of personal growth.

Bridgette MurphyMurphy is the President and CEO of Bridgette Murphy Enterprises – a global enterprise that specializes in delivering practical, purpose-driven messages to religious organizations, educational institutions, women, young professionals and adolescents through the art of dancing, writing and speaking.

A passionate writer, visionary, innovator, teacher and in-demand corporate speaker, Murphy has helped women and youth come into their purpose as they understand their value, find their passion for life, and reach their true potential.

Please visit: www.BridgetteMurphy.com for more information.

Bridgette Murphy’s inspiring and motivating book will challenge you to your core to be bold, fierce and transformed