“It’s entertainment with a eco-friendly conscience,” says Steve Linder, creator of Vocal Trash; a diverse blend of environmental performers who have been engaging audiences across the U.S. for over a decade.

The musical aspects of this exciting, high-energy troupe from Texas appeals to everyone – from the very young to the very old – in its perfect mix of pop, rock, swing and classic oldies.

Described as “Glee, with a kick”, Vocal Trash plays to capacity crowds, from Las Vegas to Madison Square Garden, presenting their “wow factor” experience and making them a hit with all venues. Audiences can’t seem to get enough of this energetic group whose “feel good” music literally gets people up and dancing in the aisles. 

Vocal Trash combines uniquely recycled musical instruments, such as their “one of a kind” bass and guitars, with an industrial percussion section made-up of metal trash cans, plastic barrels, water bottles and other landfill rescued items.

Their hip, yet poignant, presentation teaches children to use their imagination in a meaningful and lasting way as it relates to eco-friendly living.

This makes for a powerful and personal tool to reach young minds while enforcing an important eco-friendly narrative to reuse items that would normally end up as discarded, earth burdensome waste. 

With a rare display of excellence, synchronization, precision and musicianship, Vocal Trash followers, affectionately deemed as “Trash-Heads,” love the distinctive blend of first-rate singing, industrial style drumming, comedy antics and award-winning break-dancing.

When it comes to diversity, Vocal Trash is the ultimate variety show with an urban feel and Broadway appeal. 

While Earth Day is celebrated once a year in April, Vocal Trash has been doing their part by incorporating recycling into their shows for years, long before “green” was hip – making them one of the most positive role models in entertainment today.

Part stage performers, part eco-friendly recycling gurus – these entertainers make green awareness fun for folks of all ages.

Kelsey Rae, star of the show who coined the groups mantra ‘THINK… before you throw it away’ says, “We’re simply presenting a positive eco-friendly message. Music and dance is universal… there’s no better way to reach the masses.”

Touring coast to coast, this in-demand group of top notch entertainers have made appearances on Worldwide Telemundo, Fox 21 in Colorado and Good Morning Texas (both Houston and Dallas), various high profile “Green” websites and numerous large market newspaper publications.

Please read the rave reviews from clients and check this dynamic group out personally at: www.VocalTrash.net.

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