There has been a lot of discussion over the years about paid surveys and if they can be a legitimate source of income.

A lot of people who talk ill of paid surveys, simply don’t understand them and haven’t put in the effort to reap the rewards. Here’s how paid surveys work:

paid surveysBusiness, big or small, need data to help them design new products or services or to revise current ones to better suit their customer base.

To get this data, they hire marketing research firms to first, put together a set of questions that will help them collect the right data, second, administer the questions via online surveys, and third, analyze the data and deliver the results so that the business can make educated decisions regarding their products and services and hopefully help them add additional revenue to their bottom line.

Putting together and administering paid surveys isn’t cheap. These marketing research firms charge top dollar for their services and then in return for completing surveys, they pass some of what they charge their clients on to the end user (that’s you).

So let’s talk about how you can begin making money with paid surveys.

  • To get started, you first need to identify a paid survey directory.

These are websites that freely offer you a list of marketing research organizations looking for people just like you and me to participate in survey research and get paid for sharing our opinions.

Something you need to keep in mind is that these lists are free to the public. There are many companies out there that charge you to gain access to them. Please do not pay them. They are simply out to make a quick buck and take advantage of you. 

  • After you find a free directory of paid surveys, you should identify five to ten companies to sign up with.

You can do more, but we recommend starting there so it’s not overwhelming for you. The reason you do not want to sign up for just one is that you will reduce the amount of surveys you receive and ultimately limit the amount of money you will make.

By signing up with multiple marketing research firms, you will take more surveys and make more money hands down. 

  • After you sign up with the survey companies, you will want to spend some time filling out your profile on each site.

The reason you want to do this is so that each company knows as much about you as possible and can qualify you for more surveys.

If they know you are a new mom who breastfeeds and purchases diapers regularly, they will send you surveys about breastfeeding or what kind of diapers you buy and how you like them. If you do not fill out this information, you will limit the amount of surveys you receive. 

  • Once you register and fill out your profiles, you will start to receive surveys to your email.

It is important to take every survey that is sent to you. I recommend carving out some time in the morning or evening when you can sit down and take your surveys without interruption.

Please note that if you don’t take the surveys in a timely manner and they collect enough data, they will shut off the survey and you will not be able to take it. Also know that if you don’t take the surveys, they will slowly stop sending them to you as they are looking for people to take them on a regular basis. 

  • As you start completing surveys and generating a cash balance in your account, the last thing you will want to make sure and do is select a payment method.

Many of the survey companies will give you options. You can receive a check in the mail or you can receive your payment via Paypal. Some companies even give you the option to receive gift cards to stores like Old Navy if you prefer to go that route. 

In closing, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you need to follow all of the steps we went through above.

Doing so will help give you the best chance to make money through taking paid surveys. 

Steve Anderson is the VP of, a directory of paid surveys that is 100% free to the public. To learn more about paid surveys, please visit their website or check out their blog.