Leading holistic health and wellness brand expands into top national retailer

Maty’s Healthy Products, a leader in all natural remedies dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness for the entire family, announced today that its All Natural Baby Chest Rub will now be available in select Walmart stores throughout the United States.

Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub is a petroleum- and menthol-free rub that provides soothing relief for sinus and nasal congestion while boosting the immune system. It was recently awarded Gold Award status from the National Parenting Publications Awards in the Natural & Green category. 

Approved for children ages 3 months and older, the Baby Chest Rub uses only natural, immune-boosting ingredients to help provide relief and comfort. The petroleum is replaced with coconut oil and castor oil so it is safe for your loved ones.

health and wellnessMade with Maty’s proprietary blend of essential oils from eucalyptus, lavender, dill weed, coriander and chamomile, the Baby Chest Rub helps boost immune function while calming and soothing your young one.

It will also help to enhance blood circulation and provide antiseptic and antioxidant properties to the entire body. 

“Our goal here at Maty’s Healthy Products is to provide families everywhere with all natural remedies and relief that is safe, effective and without side effects. You recognize our ingredients,” says Robert Harrington, Co-Founder of Maty’s Healthy Products.

“Having one of our products available at such a highly recognized and widely celebrated retailer like Walmart is a huge step for our health and wellness brand in helping to care for and improve the health of families nationwide.” 

All of Maty’s Healthy Products are made in the USA using socially responsible practices.

For more information on Maty’s products or to find a Walmart or Maty’s retailer near you, visit www.MatysHealthyProducts.com. 

About Maty’s Healthy Products 

Founded in December 2008, Maty’s Healthy Products is dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness for all with safe, simple and effective natural remedies. Through the combination of modern knowledge and age old healing recipes, Maty’s treats and restores the body, naturally.

Maty’s recognizes the importance of the body’s own natural defense mechanisms and each product is enriched with powerful immune supportive ingredients, which are then formulated into therapeutic blends to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities. The company steers clear of artificial preservatives, color additives and artificial sweeteners: no corn, dairy, wheat, soy or yeast is added.

Just the good stuff, recognizable ingredients consumers can stand behind – safe, simple and effective. All products are gluten free and made in America using socially responsible practices. For additional information, please visit: www.MatysHealthyProducts.com, friend us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MatysHP), or follow us on Twitter (@MatysHealth).


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