College students often find themselves working a dull job during summer break just so they can save up to pay for the next semester.

Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to find a job that also offers valuable experience to develop the skills you’ll need after graduation? 

Questia, the premier online research tool for college students, suggests five employment opportunities that will mean more than just a paycheck. 

  • Freelance Writer

Make money while improving your writing skills over the summer by picking up a few freelance writing opportunities. A number of outlets and blogs pay for the written word on a case-by-case basis. Plus, you can do the work right in the comfort of your own home or even on the beach.

  • Waiter

This might not seem like the best way to spend your summer, but waiting tables can actually be a great seasonal gig, especially at nice establishments with high tip potential. It develops your interpersonal and multi-tasking skills.

  • Intern

Not all internships are paid, but if you can score one that is, there’s no better way to spend your summer months. Real-life experience is invaluable and will stand out among a sea of resumes come graduation time.

  • Nanny

Busy parents with kids out of school for the summer will often pay great rates for a good sitter. Not only will you be paid well, but you can spend your summer reliving your childhood with fun activities and possibly even nap time. A good nanny demonstrates creativity and responsibility.

  • Entrepreneur

If you’re having trouble finding work or just want to launch your own paid pastime, summer is the time to do it. Mow lawns, walk dogs or paint houses—whatever you’re interested in—and learn a lesson in business startups while you’re at it.

Questia Suggests Employment That Offers a Meaningful, Profitable & Often Fun Experience is the best option for College Students

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