Our favorite educational game creator, Doug Arduini, the creator of NON-TRIVIAL QUEST board game has a free game for you to evaluate.

educational gameThe Non-Trivial Quest game was developed for the family as an educational game about the important, useful, and relevant things that we need to know in our everyday lives. 

His goal is for an educational game that is the flip side of trivia which makes learning fun and interesting.

The First Edition USA Version in English is about important things to know in life in the USA in reference to the world today.  

The educational game already received several awards including the 10 Best Games of 2011 award by Dr. Toy.  It sells on Amazon for $29.95.

This first edition is intended for children 10-18 to play together and also to enjoy with their parents, family, and at parties. The game is not a test, but an education and experience.

Choices of rules are provided for desired length of play and difficulty, but designed to make it easy to learn and play. 

Subjects below in this first version are included:   

  • Health & Nutrition (and Safety)
  • Money & Economics
  • Math, Science, & Technology
  • Everyday Law, Civics, & Sociology
  • History & Geography

Doug is offering the first edition educational game FREE to as many of you who want one (while supplies last). 

You can review, evaluate or offer one to your school or favorite charity. 

Just send him your request for the game with name, address, phone and email and tell him how you plan to use the game -for yourself or to donate.

In return, all he asks is that you review the educational game and offer him your best ideas on future games and their development for U.S. and other country versions.

Please review his Web site at Non-TrivialQuest.com and contact him at Doug@Non-TrivialQuest.com or call 925-804-6063.

new family board gameDoug Arduini is an electronic engineering consultant, product and technology developer, a writer and presenter of various technical papers and white papers. He is an inventor with 5 patents and 3 patents pending, the self-publisher of NON-TRIVIAL QUEST and now the NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ family board game.

Contact Doug at darduini@yahoo.com for more information on the development of NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ the new family board game.