The brand new recipe book, “A Very Veggie World,” by Clare Crespo embraces veggies instead of disguising them.  

From squash-inspired “Hippo Dip” and Mushroom Gnomes” to delicious sweet potato “Bear Paws” and  “Molecular Model Brussels Sprouts,”  the free online recipe book, brimming with 25 delightful and colorful vegetable creations, is available now via a free download at

‘A Very Veggie World’ gets families to go green – and red and orange – by making colorful, nutritious veggies fun AND delicious 

veggiesLooking for new ways to get your family cheering for veggies? A new online recipe book, “A Very Veggie World,” from culinary artist Clare Crespo in partnership with Country Crock®, puts the produce front and center – by embracing, not hiding veggies – with fun to make, whimsical recipes where veggies look and taste delicious. 

Available now via free download at, “A Very Veggie World,” is organized by the colors of the rainbow and features 25 imaginative veggie recipe creations, from squash-inspired “Hippo Dip” to delicious sweet potato “Bear Paws.”  

A “Molecular Model Brussels Sprouts” recipe turns the kitchen into a chemistry experiment that is sure to change families’ views on Brussels sprouts and the “Mushroom Gnomes” recipe brings these cute lawn ornaments to life with red peppers and mushrooms in a few quick steps. 

“As a mom, I know the importance of nutritious meals, so I try to make eating veggies fun, and more importantly, delicious,” said Clare Crespo.  “ ‘A Very Veggie World’ takes a new approach with veggies and brings families to a place where good habits are delicious and veggies fly off plates.”  

veggiesEach recipe featured in “A Very Veggie World” is paired with beautiful full-page imagery, family friendly veggie and nutrition tips as well as quick shortcuts and links to other favorite recipes.  The book’s foreword is written by nationally renowned registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward. 

“Making foods, particularly veggies, look and taste delicious is an important element of enticing families to serve up vegetable recipes as part of their everyday meals,” said Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, author of “MyPlate for Moms, How to Feed Yourself & Your Family Better.”  “Finding new ways to break the veggie barrier, like using Crespo’s clever recipes, will help families adopt good habits.” 

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