In our technology-dependent world, cyber security has become one of the most important and talked about issues of the day; especially true in prisons where unauthorized contact with the outside world creates dangerous situations.

Scott Schober is an in-demand expert whose knowledge on cyber security has made him a regular contributor on TV news, radio, and at international conferences.

Scott Schober is not only the president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a New Jersey based company with a 39-year history as the leading provider of advanced wireless solutions and products for multi-national telecommunications and security markets, but he also puts Americans to work.

The growing lists of fine products produced by his company are manufactured entirely in the U.S. so Schober is not only doing his part to keep Americans secure – but to keep them working!

Scott Schober is a highly sought after security expert for media appearances and commentary. His expertise in security issues and solutions has made him a featured guest on Fox Business, Fox News Live and News 12 New Jersey, as well as many radio programs including XM/Sirius.

As an experienced software engineer, Schober has developed cellular test instruments used for measuring, optimizing and plotting signal coverage, primarily for the initial cellular build-out throughout the United States.

The products manufactured by his company cover a myriad of uses but his most recent creation, the PocketHound (patent pending), can be used to enforce a ‘no cell phone policy’ in various venues around the globe.

The PocketHound allows detection of illegal cell phone use in schools, federal facilities, and in prisons – where the problem is becoming huge for authorities as evidenced in a recent article by Huffington Post. Please see: .

Scott Schober has presented as a subject expert on the topics of cyber security, corporate espionage and cell phone detection at numerous conferences and trade shows around the world, including GovSec, Counter Terror Expo, ISS Americas, as well as GSM World Congress.

He was a VIP attendee at the Concordia Summit in New York last September, and was selected to appear in an interview discussing national security. He is a featured guest/contributor for Homeland Security Newswire.

Scott Schober is ‘the man’ when it comes to getting advice from a high profile security expert on cyber security – a subject constantly popping up in news reports.

His vast knowledge of security devices and systems makes him a resident expert who understands what it takes to keep America secure and Americans safe.

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