Once you have been introduced to the new knowledge, you will never be able to go back to being the person you are right now.

The goal of Dr. Andy McCabe’s inspirational book, The Gifted One: The Journey Begins is to help millions of people live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

It acts as a gentle guide to help readers begin their own journey towards making a personal transformation so dramatic, they will never see their life the same as they do today.

The Gifted One: The Journey Begins delivers provocative material with humor, using characters that both men and women can readily identify with.

Its life-changing concepts, told in an entertaining story form, will enable you to see more clearly and deeply into life’s mysteries – with all its joys, sorrows and challenges.

‘Gifted One: The Journey Begins’ draws knowledge and experience from a source that predates time as we know it, and he wants to teach you to begin your own journey.

In McCabe’s story, the main character – a regular guy experiencing the same problems many men and women go through during mid-life – gets asked to commit a random act of kindness by a blind messenger who represents the world’s greatest healer. Anyone who passes the test will be given the opportunity to experience life-altering training that will help them to not only change themselves but also the world.

Passing the test, he gets invited to spend six days at a remote desert ranch with a man who many believe is a myth or legend – but they would be wrong; this man is very real. At the ranch he is provided with consciousness-raising information and skills. He surprisingly ends up falling in love with the healer’s housekeeper and their roller-coaster love story is sure to have readers’ hearts beating just a little faster…

The main character participates in a life-altering initiation ceremony and is given an extraordinary mission to carry out. He is asked to return to the ranch in six months and work with two other initiates, along with the healer, for purposes that will literally blow the minds of readers!

The Gifted One: The Journey Begins enables us to change how we think.

Once you have been introduced to the new knowledge, you will never be able to go back to being the person you are right now. You will be a new and improved version mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For anyone willing to risk change and accept the challenge of working toward fulfillment of your dreams and improving your quality of life, hang on – you are about to embark on the ride of your life!

Andy McCabe has been a guest on many radio and TV shows, including a one-hour interview on CBS Radio with Allison Hayes, ‘The Rock Girl’ (recipient of the 2011 Psychic of the Year Award from Om magazine). A graduate of Rutgers University, Andy is an associate professor who teaches courses in behavior disorders.

The Gifted One: The Journey Begins is the first of a trilogy and, judging from the rave reviews on Amazon.com, readers can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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