For even the most organized person, house cleaning can sometimes become a seemingly simple chore that becomes very overwhelming at times.

With life being so busy, especially during the summer months or around holidays, the house can become heavily trafficked and leave you with little time to clean it.

Are you starting to feel like you can’t keep up or maybe just need a little extra push and shove when it comes to house cleaning?

Here are some steps that might simplify the house cleaning process for you. 

  • Hire a maid

Even if you cannot hire a maid on a consistent basis, it may be nice to have one come in and do their magic either before or after a big party at your house. If you’re overwhelmed with the house cleaning, hiring a maid can give you a huge sense of relief.

  • Make a Schedule

If you feel like you just can’t stay on top of things, it might be time to write out a schedule of what days and times you can get things accomplished throughout the week. Get out a pen and piece of paper and take a few minutes to figure out what will work best for you. If you get home from work at 4:30, plan to give the bathroom a deep cleaning before 5:00. Then you can crash for a few hours before mopping the floors at 7:00 and de-cluttering surfaces at 7:30. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you actually set a concrete time aside to do it.

  • Stay Consistent

Once you’ve had a maid come and do a deep cleaning or once you’ve gotten things under control yourself, if you stay on top of the cleaning things won’t pile up as bad. Even 20 minutes of fast, thorough cleaning each day can make a big difference in the overall scheme of things.  10 minutes of laundry each day can help keep those dirty clothes from piling up or even the clean ones from sitting in the basket for days.

  • Make Rules

If the people living in your house seem to always make a mess as soon as you can clean it, it might be time to lay down some rules. If everyone does their part it can make your job a little bit easier. The “no wearing shoes on the carpet” rule can help eliminate the need to vacuum as often as well as prevent stains from marring the carpet.

  • Have a place for everything

There are a few different reasons for clutter but one of the main culprits is that there is no-where to put all that stuff! Baskets are a huge help for storing excessive mail you haven’t gone through yet or other stray items. And the best part is that they look nice too! Use creativity when it comes to storing clutter. 

Do whatever it takes to get your house clean today!  Hire an Austin TX maid service today if that’s what it takes! 

Claire Pritchard is the wife of Greg (an evangelist) and a stay-at-home mom to her one year old son.  She is a creative and fun mother, wife, musician, and writer.