Bonnie Terry is on the FOX morning news talking about summer activities for kids.

Summer Activities for Kids

She gives you a simple activity you can do at home, at the park, in the back yard, or at a playground that is not only fun but improves 22 areas of the brain that directly impact learning skills.

So, how do you engage your children and at the same time provide them with fun summer activities? Believe me, there really is a way to improve learning skills while doing fun summer activities for kids! Summertime and your kids are active but not necessarily hitting the books.

Kids that don’t engage in any learning activities over the summer lose 2 1/2 months of the prior school year. Those that do, end up not only losing that knowledge but they gain an additional 3 months. So you want to engage in learning activities.

Keep Your Kids Brains Engaged Over The Summer with Summer Activities for Kids

Watch educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET demonstrate with two children an activity that is inexpensive to do and improves 22 learning areas of the brain. Watch Video

Summer Activities for Kids


To keep your kids brains engaged we want to activate as many of areas of the brain as possible as often as possible. We learn 3 ways, by hearing, seeing, and doing and within each of those categories there are 9 subcategories, so there are 27 areas of learning altogether.

Summer Activities for Kids Keep the Kids Engaged Over the Summer and Improve Learning Skills

One way to keep your child’s brains active and learning is to be a bit sneaky about it. Put learning into the physical activities your kids are doing. For example, create an obstacle course for your kids where they have to:

  1. follow directions
  2. do a language activity like rhyming words
  3. count their jumps
  4. skip count
  5. throw bean bags
  6. keep their balance while using homemade sand-pail stilts

They can even keep track of how long it takes them to get through the course. Doing this type of Obstacle Course is going to improve 22 areas of the brain including:

  1. Auditory Memory
  2. Eye Hand Coordination
  3. Motor Skills
  4. Laterality
  5. Directionality

Those specific areas actually directly impact reading skills, writing skills, and math skills.

Summer Activities for Kids While on the Road

When you are on a road trip there are a variety of activities that you can do.

  • ABC scavenger hunt or looking for abc’s in order on road signs when you are doing a road trip
  • Spell words from road signs when on a road trip
  • You can keep lists of how many different kinds of animals you see

Additionally, take picnic lunches with you and when you stop for lunch, go to a local park instead of the fast food places. In the town you are traveling through, look for a local park. Let your kids run around and play while you get the lunch ready. Be sure you take a ball with you so at a minimum you can play catch. Take photos of the lunch spot. When your kids get back in the car you can talk about the favorite thing about that lunch spot.

You can compare one park to another on subsequent days of the trip or compare one rest stop with another. That will improve their observational skills as well as their comprehension skills – the ability to compare and contrast is a higher level comprehension skill than just noting specific details.

For more family activities, download our BT Family Activity Book. So you can see, doing a few simple summer activities for kids can really make an impact on their learning skills!  


Summer Activities for KidsBonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, Board Certified Educational Therapist #10167, is the founder of considered one of the top experts in the country in helping teachers and parents identify their students’ learning difficulties and whether they have a learning disability. 

Remember, with just a few minutes a day you can help your child with their learning skills even if they have a learning problem or a learning disability!

Bonnie Terry