Dude, Seriously, It’s Not All About You is a humorous rant on how communications and protocol have forever changed how we connect and interact with co-workers, friends, and family in the New Millenium.

Chapter after chapter will introduce you to fictional and not so fictional characters, some of whom recognize that civility and treating people well never goes out of style, and others who lose friends and opportunities because they only consider their own needs and wants.

Chapter by chapter, from netiquette to filters, to the simple please, thank you, and I’m sorry, the author addresses how we can differentiate ourselves and DARE to stand out from the ordinary in the 24/7 nanosecond world we are living in.

Whether you are a leader, a student, or a parent, this book will show you how easy it really is to get more out of your personal and professional relationships when you consider those you come into contact with, at work or at play.

Susan P. Ascher is president and CEO of The Ascher Group, an award-winning consulting firm.

Ascher’s Developmental Sphere of Excellence in Communications programs have helped countless corporations and individuals raise the bar in communications, teamwork, and customer service.

Her programs range in scope from effective writing and speaking to protocol awareness.

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