Brain power – your mind – the most powerful super computer in the Universe!

Let’s face it, most people are a little bit stressed most of the time!

It’s a bad habit, but very common in the modern world. Throughout even a normal day the fight or flight process is switched on regularly to some degree, taking away blood from the fore-brain leading to a significant drop in brain power

So one of the best ways to increase brain power is to first reduce stress.

When you are more relaxed you get easier access to both brain hemispheres and your vast unconscious creative resources. 

What follows then are seven simple and effective ways to boost your brain power within minutes…

1. Two Minute Deep Trance! 

Sit comfortably. Relax even more now… 

As you close your eyes. 

Beginning at the top of your head, say the word ‘Soften.’ 

Work your way down the body, saying ‘Soften,’ all the way down to the tips of your toes. 


Now bring your attention back to the space between and just behind your eyes.

 Rest there for a few moments and enjoy! 

2. Alternative Nostril Breathing 

Notice your breathing. Use your thumb to block one of your nostrils. Breath in slowly through the open nostril. Breath out slowly through your mouth. Now block the other nostril and breath in slowly with the other. Repeat a few times. 

3. The Magic Question 

Simply ask yourself, “If I knew how to solve this problem, how would I?” And allow the answer to arise. 

4. The Crown Pull 

This is a technique from the world of ‘Energy Medicine’ that removes congested energy from your head. 

With fingers tips in the middle of your forehead, pull your hands outwards so it stretches the skin a bit. 

Now put your hands higher up on your skull and repeat the pulling out stretching. Work your way back like this to the base of your neck. 

Breath deeply as you do the movements. 

Finish off by moving down to your shoulders. Push your fingers in and then pull across to your front. 

5. Instant Alpha! 

It’s been proven with brain wave research that simply turning your eyes up 20 degrees switches on the alpha brainwave rhythms. As you probably know, in the alpha state you have much more access to your creative genius. 

So go ahead, think about a problem or project you want some new creative insights into and look up and ahead at a 20 degree angle. 

Why not use the Magic Question while you’re at it too? 

6. Cross Crawl

 Because the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice-versa we can help stimulate both hemispheres into a more balanced thinking state by moving our body in a special way. 

Cross Crawl by placing your right hand on your left knee. And then place your left hand on your right knee. You bring your knees up, so it’s as if you’re marching on the spot. 

If it’s not appropriate to do that you can simply fold your arms and then alternate tapping your hands to your elbows. 

*You’ll know when your brain hemispheres have balanced when it becomes easy to maintain a consistent rhythm.

 7. Self Image of a Super Leaner 

This technique works best when you are more relaxed so use one or more of the methods above first. 

Picture a you over there. This you is a ‘Super Learner’ or ‘Genius!’ 

What do you look like? How does that you stand? Breath? 

How does that you sound? 

Now imagine stepping into that you: Notice what you see, hear and feel. 


*Note: You could step into ‘the you that is 10% more intelligent.’ 

In conclusion, to increase your brain power you would be wise to first of all reduce stress.

When you are relaxing more you have better access to both brain hemispheres and your unconscious resources. 

Remember your mind is the most powerful super computer in the Universe! Act as if ‘Anything is Possible’ and you will be able to solve problems creatively.

Collin SmithColin G Smith is the Author of ‘The NLP ToolBox,’ ‘TheHalf Second Rule,’ and ‘The Backward Planning System.’ To discover more tips, tricks and techniques for using your mind please visit ==>