The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room is the story of three friends born in the same neighborhood but raised with very different goals having been set for them by their parents.

The world is filled with competition and it is time we learn to win in business from an early age. It is in the Entrepreneur’s Locker Room that you will finally get what you need to excel in business.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4

Entrepreneur Elementary School

Education comes in many forms. Entrepreneurs like you, have to learn the building blocks of business if you are going to get the head start you and your parents dream about. Regardless of your age, sooner or later you will have to go through entrepreneur elementary school. In life there are always exceptions, but just like the social expectation that little boys come home from the hospital to find a blue nursery and little girls mostly find pink and pastel colors, in business there are those who can skip steps or be just plain lucky.

For most entrepreneurs the challenge begins after kindergarten is over. It is time to start into real life which is what entrepreneur elementary school is all about. Getting you ready for your shot at the brass ring is what education and experience will do for you. You need to fully understand basic business concepts like planning, organizing and controlling your business.

Young adults who graduate from college may have learned a great deal about the didactic aspects of their future endeavor, but the world offers no time to make big mistakes in business. Now is the time for entrepreneur elementary school.

Just like Jock and Jill, you will learn your ABCs and how to count. As you go on to the later years you will also learn how to read and write. That is not what makes entrepreneur elementary school what you need. Jock is now the captain of the cutest little team of boys you have ever seen.

They all practice twice a week on the field behind the school and the “big” game is on Thursday nights. Coach Thomas is the best! All the kids love him and he is a second father figure to most of these great little boys. Children in elementary school should have a nurturing environment and loving teachers. They deserve to be treated with respect and given encouragement to follow their dreams.

The young entrepreneur will not have a second father figure like sweet Coach Thomas. You will not always be treated with love and respect in the entrepreneur world because there are no rules of behavior. Whether Jill is on stage or Jock is on the football or baseball field, they are learning very specific rules.

No need to think out of the box for these two up and coming elementary children. They excel in the safe and organized world in which they find themselves. Coaches, trainers, rules, teammates, you know the story. The world is a better place because of these great programs in each and every school across this country. Jock has the potential to follow his dream to the pros and will certainly be a leader of men. Jill will have every advantage and with a lot of hard work she may make it to Broadway and beyond.