But you have a different road to travel. You still have no real desire to play any sport except for fun. You can act and have gotten a part or two in the school plays but that was just something you wanted to try. Everything you put your time into you do fairly well and even as a young entrepreneur, you find that you have many skills and are a jack of all trades and still a master of none.

You play chess, but you do not hang around the science crowd. You and Jock are great friends but he is always going to play some organized sport. Jill is super popular, but she dances all the time, and when she is not, she is playing the flute. You have not found your calling at this early stage in your life.

The Entrepreneur Elementary School is a lesson in what not to do as much as what to do in business. The most tempting businesses are all scams. Multilevel marketing can make you money only if you have an organization behind you that can sell your products. In first and second grades of Entrepreneur Elementary School it is like the first years of a new college grad finding their way after graduation or someone reentering the job market.

Most people do not have enough money left after paying for school so you either have to find a job or start a business. Most first business ventures are in sales. It is fairly easy to find a product and sell it. Whether it is household products or services online, “sales” are the only path for a first grade entrepreneur. 

You and your classmates decide to go into a multi-level business to benefit your school. You now are learning about business and fund raising. The two go hand and hand as you will learn in the coming years. The first thing to decide is what multi-level marketing business suits you and your entrepreneur first grade classmates. 

Remember that most multi-level marketing requires you to “buy in” and costs you money to start your new sales company. Most commissions are 10% but the person who sells you your distributorship will sell it this way.

“Hi You. Let’s look at this blank sheet of paper and decide what you really want. How much money would you like to make next year? $100,000? How does that sound for a part time job? Would you like a new car? How about a dream vacation? How does that sound?” your new best friend asks.