First things first. Lesson one in entrepreneur elementary education is that some well trained sales person knows exactly what to say and how to get you to close the deal. One of your first lessons should always be: do not sign anything without advice and counsel. Do a little bit of math and you will see that you must sell $1,000,000 of product a year to get to $100,000 a year for yourself. If you can sell a million dollars worth of something, find something with a higher margin that you control. There is no way to sell a million dollars worth of cleaning supplies from Amway, or a million dollars worth of vitamins or energy super duper vegetable formula with the only secret ingredients to keep you young for ever.

This is not for you. You learned that during the first grade in your entrepreneur schooling. However, there are places where multilevel marketing can work. You may never become the captain of Jocks football team or even be the star receiver. Jill will give you tickets to her show but stay off the stage. You on the other hand have a brain for making money. 

The school has hundreds of students and almost twice as many parents. Each year another class of students joins the school and the school year is repeated once again. As an entrepreneur you found a way to fund the cost of the student computer center for ever. It became obvious to you that everyone had a phone and that there are multi-level marketing companies that offer discounted telephone services. 

These brokers use existing telephone company services and offer them discounted to the same consumers. The idea is to use different multilevel marketing services for each class to use as there “annual business project” and fund the needs of the school. You are so smart for a first year entrepreneur that the whole faculty wants to hear your presentation.

“Year one” you tell these entrepreneurial geniuses, “We start with something everyone has, a telephone. The school becomes the top of the pyramid and the students solicit their parents to switch to this service and if possible become a distributor. The school continues to benefit from any and all sales and has a built in distributor network. In addition, the school saves on it’s telephone bill. 

The next year the new first grade class finds another service like internet or cable and while they are signing up the new parents from the first grade for telephone, the first grade entrepreneurs begin the vitamin multi-level project. And it goes on and on. Ultimately the principle will get other schools to come on as a down link and your school makes all of that money as well.”

The faculty was stunned. Yes, you are a super star even if you will not make a penny for yourself unless you are a down link on the chain. The ability to visualize the whole concept and put the pieces of this together for the school and your project was genius. The school has decided not to give you a trophy but something more; they are going to pay for you to become the first downlink for the school. You will now benefit from your great idea and the money goes to your college scholarship.