Kenneth Esrig was born in New York in 1955 and relocated to Birmingham, Alabama with  is family shortly after. Esrig holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Alabama and Master’s Degree in Hospital and Health Administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He has been in hospital and health administration for over twenty-five years.

As a hospital administrator and CEO, Esrig engineered hospital expansions and instituted programs which are still providing the community with quality care. In 1985, he relocated to Florida to join the National Medical Enterprises hospital chain. In 1990, Esrig formed MIST Inc., to provide consulting services to physicians and health care facilities. MIST Inc. continues today as the backbone of the network of his companies.

A serial entrepreneur, Esrig formed MIST Productions, a full-service multimedia production company specializing in the development of television series, major motion pictures, documentaries and short film clips for a wide variety of clients. Furthermore, MIST Management Services division offers an array of management educational programs, services and training for mangers in companies of all sizes.

As one of the largest full-service production company’s in South Florida, MIST offers a wide variety of services with the ability to customize services based on individual client needs and desires.  These services include: On-Set & Locational Filming, Video & Audio Services, Editing, Photography, Graphic & Animation and Interactive Media.

MIST Productions is currently producing Start From Where You Are, an innovative television series currently airing across the United States and based on Esrig’s book, Start From Where You Are. The show features guests who have overcome great adversity to achieve success in business and in life.

The television series, as well as all published works, audio and video conference materials, marketing and management functions and speaking opportunities are secured, produced, and marketed under the corporate umbrella of MIST Productions, poised to be an industry leader in film and television production in the next two years.

Start From Where You Are is ideal for entrepreneurs and people interested in growing their business. Esrig takes the reader through multiple companies’ creation and management providing a simple method for the reader to apply to his or her own venture.

Esrig is currently working on his next book titled The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room, which is scheduled to be published in early 2013. The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room is the story of three friends born in the same neighborhood but raised with very different goals having been set for them by their parents.

The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room offers a new direction for the education of our children, our entrepreneurs and our future. The world is filled with competition and it is time we learn to win in business from an early age. It is in the Entrepreneur’s Locker Room that you will finally get what you need to excel in business.

When Esrig is not running companies or writing books, he lends his time to many philanthropic ventures including chairing charity dinners for various organizations. He is dedicated to the education of our youth as demonstrated by his activities on various school boards and his desire to raise capital to build new schools.

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