As summertime approaches, it is the perfect time for families to combine their annual family vacation and squeeze in a college visit along the way.

Most people agree that a college visit is the very best way to see if a school is right for you.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed at your choices as you enter this next phase of your life, but try to relax and keep an open mind about what your options are for the future.  

  • College Visit Tip:  Looks

When you are doing a college visit this summer, be aware of the look of the college. Check out the recreation center, dorms and other housing options as well as the lecture halls and classrooms to see if they are up to your standards.

Be on the lookout for campus security to get a feeling for how active they are on campus. Also, don’t forget to look into transportation options that are or are not available to students, such as parking, shuttles or buses. How a college looks isn’t everything, but it can be a good indicator of how the university runs and is cared for, and of what you can expect to be proud as a student and alumni. 

  • College Visit Tip:  Academics

The main reason that we come to college is higher learning, right? Well, in order to get the most out of that, it is important to look into certain aspects of what will influence your academic career while you are in college.

Be sure to ask about professor availability as no one wants a professor that is never available or only has office hours between 10-12 on a Friday night. Ask about technology and library resources as well as the average class size as these could directly affect your studies.

Make sure that your college has an acceptable amount of internships and study abroad opportunities for you to take advantage of during your time there to further develop your talents and interests beyond the classroom. 

  • College Visit Tip:  Campus Life

Academics might be the main reason we go to college, but campus life is what makes it fun and interesting! It’s important to think about campus life as it will become your life for the next four years.

A big part of some people’s college experience is sports. If this is you, check to see what kind of sports are offered on campus, either to play or to watch. Other people spend a lot of time working in the Greek system of their college, which can be a big or small system depending on the school.

Don’t forget to stop by the dining halls and dorms and if you have time get a meal so you can taste the real flavor of the school. 

The key to a successful college visit is to engage with the community as much as possible and see if it is a fit for you!

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This guest blog was written on behalf of the Cadet Admissions department of North Georgia College & State University, The Military College of Georgia. North Georgia College & State University is one of the top military colleges in the US and offers a college army ROTC program. Cadet Admissions also offer Army scholarships to those pursuing a field in the army.