Schools and businesses looking to earn grant money and replace unhealthy vending machines with healthy ones are in luck. Fresh Healthy Vending, a leader in the healthy vending machine industry, has an initiative where they are offering $1 million in grant funding to schools and businesses that are seeking to bring in their healthy vending machines. 

“We are pleased to announce that we have already given away over $100,000 of the $1 million in funds allocated to replace junk food machines with Fresh Healthy Vending machines,” explains Dan Negroni, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending. “This is a great way for Schools, YMCAs, Health Clubs, Hospitals and Office buildings to earn money for taking
the initiative to reshape the health of communities by offering healthy snacking options.”

The company has also recently re-launched their Website,, as well as their nationwide initiative to eliminate junk food vending in schools and other locations across North America.

Schools and other locations can also take comfort knowing that these Fresh Healthy Vending machines help address the nationwide obesity issue by conveniently offering people the healthy food options they want, deserve and need. The FreshandHealthy.Org Initiative allows us to pay up to $500 per machine installed in each selected school or business location and Fresh Healthy Vending intends on giving away the remainder of the $1 million within the next 24 months. With the school year beginning, Fresh Healthy Vending will deliver and install its bright, high tech vending machines for free. The company’s professional operators are local representatives of the community and are
extensively trained in the healthy vending business. The grant based initiative ensures each machine is stocked with all-healthy, natural and organic food options, including fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurts, smoothies, 100-percent fruit juices, tea and healthy granola bars, among other items. 

In an effort to extend this initiative to locations in addition to schools, the company recently launched an exclusive offering the only vending machine in the world to offer both healthy beverages and snacks along with a variety of organic coffee specialty drinks such as vanilla
chai tea, cafe latte, cappuccino and more. 

For more information about joining the Initiative and getting paid to have Fresh Healthy Vending machines at your location please visit or call us today at (858) 210-4200.

About Fresh Healthy Vending

Based in San Diego, Fresh Healthy Vending is a company founded in 2010 that is revolutionizing vending machines by filling them with healthy, natural and organic food options. Visit for more information. FreshandHealthy.Org is an initiative launched by Fresh Healthy Vending in 2010 with the sole intention of providing better access to healthy vending machines.