This past weekend I was working with one of my Autism Fitness athletes. “Curt” finished a remarkably improved set of squats, lifted up his shirt and said “I think my stomach is already going down.” Then he said something that kept repeating in my head “I want to be motivated.” Curt wanted to make fitness a part of his lifestyle.

If you are truly committed to bringing the best possible fitness programs into the lives of those with autism, there is no better action to take than attending an Autism Fitness Seminar. The full-day event is filled with practical, hands (and feet)-on learning so that you finish the day with the ability to begin creating a great program that will work for any individual or group no matter their current abilities.

Bringing Autism Fitness to each coast is my idea of starting out the Fall season. 

I am excited to announce the next two Autism Fitness Seminars:

September 9th in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

October 6th in Pasadena, California

Bringing Autism Fitness to each coast is my idea of starting out the Fall season. For more information including what others have had to say about the Autism Fitness seminar, click THE LINK or copy and paste 

Join the “Movement in Movement” and I will see you in NJ or CA!

eric-chessenEric Chessen is the founder of Autism Fitness and the leading authority in fitness for the autism population. He is the author ofAutism Fitness andThe PAC Profile.

He lectures, provides workshops for parents and teachers, and creates informational products to help understand the link between fitness and autism.