What are kids doing today?  They’re not.  They’re watching.  Watching TV, video games, cell phones and computers.  Even at school they’re teethered to technology with classroom activities focused on watching screens and Smartboards.   It’s time to bring back some hands-on learning.

WikkiStix One-of-a-Kind Creatables provide hands-on, tactile involvement in the learning process. As the old saying says:

                    Tell me … I forget

                  Show me …I remember.

               Involve me… I understand. 

And for some children and adults, this is the only way they truly learn.

Made of wax-infused yarn, WikkiStixare slightly tacky to the touch and adhere to almost any smooth surface with just fingertip pressure.  No Glue. No Paste. No Mess !  Endlessly reusable, WikkiStix can be peeled up and repositioned, so “mistakes” virtually disappear, which helps build self-confidence. 

They can be used right on the pages of a Big Book to highlight and identify words, and numerals.  They can be used on poetry cards to underline rhyming words, and parts of speech.  And for little learners, they are ideal to learn letter formation as well as number formation and basic shapes.  Perfect, too for identifying colors. 

For science projects at the Middle School level, WikkiStixare an easy medium for creating cross-sections and diagrams.  These can be complicated and challenging, with mistakes lurking at every turn.  Because WikkiStix are so forgiving, students aren’t afraid to take the necessary steps to address these activities. 

WikkiStix don’t break or tear, but cut easily with scissors so they can be adapted for almost any design or creativity. And they are an excellent product for children dealing with allergies as they do not contain latex, nor gluten, nor peanut or other oils or nut byproducts. 

With WikkiStix, children use imagination, creativity and even analytical building  skills for making 3-dimensional creations.  They appeal equally to boys and girls, and create the satisfaction that comes with, “Look what I made!”