Finding the best school bag for your kid is essential.

Parents should ensure that the bag is appropriate for their children’s needs and body built.

The need depends on the school level the child is in.  Preschoolers, for instance, should be carrying only a small backpack while bigger kids may need to bring trolleys which are more spacious to carry more school things. Meanwhile, teens may prefer much bigger backpacks or shoulder bags and these can be trendy ones.Kids that are smaller should not carry heavy school bags. 

Different Bags for Different Age Groups 

No matter what the school level is, there are essential things to consider in buying school bags. Here are some things to consider before you grab a school bag. 

  • Preschool Kids 

If your child is a preschooler, small backpacks are easy and convenient to carry. These are suitable for their level because they need not carry lots of books. A 14-by-10-inch light backpack with a base of about 5 inches is just enough to carry perhaps a notebook, a lunch box, and a small towel.In times when the kids need to carry heavy stuffs, a small trolley bag may be used. There are small backpacks that can be converted into a trolley bag. Just choose one that is light enough. Kids, especially of this age group, also love bags that are colorful and designed with their favorite characters in them.Avoid buying ones that are too expensive. They won’t need these for long. 

  • Primary School Kids 

Grade school kids may need a bigger space because they usually carry lots of books and notebooks. That is why a medium-sized wheel bag is popular for this group. Some kids of this level,however,still prefer the backpack. To avoid them carrying too heavy stuff on their back, you should try getting an extra hand bag large enough to carry some of their books and extra things like binders and school projects. Leaner kids are better off using trolley bags instead of backpacks. 

  • Middle School Kids Or Teens 

Middle school children may be more independent in their choice of bags. Therefore, parents can only give tiny bits of advice to their kids when buying school bags. It is important to invest in good quality ones at this point because school workload can be more intense. Your kids also become busier because they may enlist in some extra-curricular activities. Buy one that may be trendy, according to your kid’s taste, yet functional and durable. Branded bags may be more expensive but they guarantee superb quality. 

Some General Things to Consider 

  • In general, school bags for children of all ages should be light as they need not carry a lot of stuff. The prolonged use of backpacks can lead to poor posture and back aches. 
  • Compartments are also helpful so that kids can organize their things properly. This saves themtime in looking for the things they need in class and they can spend more time in more important school works. 
  • In buying a school bag, let your child participate in the process to make sure that he or she likes to wear it. It is also a small way to allow them to learn simple decision-making. 

Finding the best school bag for your kid can be an easy task. All you need to do is determine his or her needs and preferences. If your child is leaner in structure, do not let him or her carry heavy loads on a backpack. You can remedy this by providing an extra bag, preferably a handbag, or by getting a trolley. If your child wishes to get a trendy one, it should be both durable and functional. Just be choosy to select best and affordable bag for your kid, which he/she can carry it very comfortably. 

Don Yale is the Operations Manager at NYP Corp, a sandbag manufacturer with manufacturing and distribution centers spread across the US. Don has over 20 years experience working in the agricultural and industrial packaging industry.