Nowadays, most nutritionists emphasize the importance of taking vitamins daily.

Modern-day environmental toxins, nutrient-depleted foods and imperfect diets make nutritional supplements a necessity. Furthermore, health professionals often recommend multiple supplements such as multivitamins, calcium tablets and fish-oil capsules, some of which require multiple doses per day.

As a health-conscious adult, you undoubtedly strive to ensure that you and your family take all your vitamins daily. However, with the fast pace of modern life, downing supplements consistently can be all too easy to forget. As a busy adult, how can you successfully incorporate vitamins into your family’s daily routine? This article provides some ideas for meeting this challenge.

  • Combine Taking Vitamins With Another Routine

As the directions on vitamin bottles often state, vitamins are best taken with meals to prevent potential stomach discomfort and enhance their absorption. In addition, associating vitamins with habitual family activities like meals helps everyone remember to take them. Since many supplements require two daily doses, breakfast and dinner may provide the best opportunities. Furthermore, storing vitamins in plain sight rather than in the cupboard helps keep them in your awareness. For families with inconsistent meal times, pairing vitamin taking with a more universally regular activity, such as tooth brushing, may work better. In this case, store your vitamins in a conspicuous bathroom location to jog your memory.

  • Enjoy the Benefits of Pill Organizers

Pill organizers with separate compartments for each day of the week can serve as helpful memory aids. Nowadays, with the ease of online shopping, you can find pill containers in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. You can even purchase one-week or one-month pill boxes in different colors for different family members. For families with small children, childproof pill containers are available. Pill holders can also save time, since you can place vitamins in their respective organizer compartments in advance, eliminating the need to count out pills from multiple bottles during every vitamin-taking session. For family members on the go who cannot take their vitamins at home, the portability of pill organizers makes them an ideal solution.

  • Employ Reminders, Calendars and Timers

Scheduling recurring reminder messages via email or cellphone for each family member to take their vitamins can provide an additional memory aid. Setting up a calendar with checkboxes for each day’s vitamins can also prove effective. In addition, sellers of pill organizers often also offer pill timers. You can also tape handwritten reminder notes in conspicuous locations. Furthermore, many timer applications exist nowadays for cellphones and e-readers.

  • Make Vitamins More Palatable for Children

If you have children who are too young to chew vitamins, you can mix a crushed pill with fruit juice or a soft food like applesauce during meals. Since some vitamins are heat sensitive, mixing them with hot foods is not recommended. Sweet juices like pineapple juice can serve to disguise the vitamin’s flavor. If the child still detects and dislikes the vitamin’s taste, it helps to have the child sip extra fruit juice immediately after swallowing the food or drink containing the vitamin to wash away the objectionable taste quickly.

  • Eliminate Resistance to Taking Vitamins

Family members may consume vitamins more regularly if you can eliminate any resistance they may have to taking them. Teens or adults who cannot swallow pills may forget to take their supplements simply because of the extra trouble of crushing or chewing a non-chewable pill. In this case, it helps to give them chewable vitamins instead. Many good chewable adult supplements exist nowadays. Alternatively, adults can take children’s vitamins and adjust the dosage accordingly. If your children dislike their vitamins and resist taking them, try experimenting with different brands until you find a supplement they like. Numerous healthy children’s vitamins exist currently that look and taste like candy, making them more palatable.

If you still forget to take your vitamins occasionally, it is safest not to double the next dose. However, if your family uses the strategies outlined here, missed supplement doses may soon become a rare occurrence. By employing tools and strategies such as vitamin organizers, memory-jogging techniques and the elimination of resistance, you can dramatically improve your family’s vitamin-taking habits.

Jack Cage is an avid blogger on immune system facts and information, who loves to camp and writes for Del-Immune V®, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillurhamnosus which is an immune support.

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