Parents of teenagers will most probably agree that most of their child’s interests, wants, needs and priorities differ from their own.

This makes them very challenging to handle in many situations even on supposedly chill-out vacations. But, taking an adolescent on a family vacation does not have to be difficult.

Here are five ways to transform the teenagers of the brood into amazing and happy travel buddies throughout a family vacation. 

  • Involve Them

Parents who already have a plan in mind are primarily advised to always consider the ideas of the teenage members of their family especially when it comes to the trip’s location and the activities to do there. If the vacation destination has already been fixed, the teens should be given a say on the itinerary of the trip. If they suggest something that does not appeal to the interests of the rest of the family, compromise and discuss any adjustments with them. The whole family, especially the parents, should try their best to accommodate their teens’ choice of activities in as much as they can. Families who are planning to take a road trip may even allow the teens to drive to give them extra involvement. By doing all these, they will feel more responsible for the success of the family vacation and will try to be more cooperative during the holiday.

  • Give Them Responsibilities 

Although the family is on vacation, the teens should still have some form of responsibility specifically with money and the things to bring. To do this, give them a certain budget to spend throughout the vacation and let them prepare the personal items that they want to bring on the family holiday. Assigning a budget will excite them with the thought of having the freedom to shop and spend their money on whatever they like while teaching them to carefully choose what to spend on during the trip. Having the duty to prepare their personal items for the holiday will also teach them to only choose what is needed and psyche them up for the upcoming family holiday. For as long as these two responsibilities are discussed beforehand, these can spark their excitement for the trip at the same time teach them the skill of prioritizing. 

  • Flex Some Rules

Of all the members of any family, the adolescents usually require the most rules to keep them in control. But, it wouldn’t be that bad if they are given a little bit of leeway on some of the house rules during vacations for as long as they do not commit any major mistakes. Some rules that can be bent for a while to keep the family holiday peaceful and enjoyable include giving the teens a slight extension on their curfew if they ask to go out during the night to explore the place, allowing them to sleep in and not join the family for some of the planned activities in the early parts of the day, eating in the room or skipping meals for treats like pizza. Just make sure that they know that this is temporary and only good during the family holiday. 

  • Allow a Friend to Join

The adolescent stage is the time when friends seem to matter the most. Most teens enjoy anything for as long as they have a friend accompanying them. Parents can encourage their teenagers to invite a friend to join the trip if they want them to be in their best mood for the most part or even throughout the entire duration of the holiday. This is a good way for parents and the whole family to get to know the closest friends of their teens better. Plus, having company apart from family can encourage the teens and even all the other members of the family to behave well knowing that someone else seems to be observing everyone. 

  • Let Them Explore

Even if the whole family is headed to the same destination that does not mean that they have to be together all the time. The teens will certainly enjoy the trip if they are allowed to explore the location on their own or with their friends without someone looking after them all the time. This tip is best followed when the family will go to a cruise or a resort where different forms of activities are available for various ages. Parents can encourage their teens to be adventurous during the family holiday while reminding them to always observe safety rules. 

It may be quite challenging to bring along the teenage members of the brood to the family holiday. Their unique and special interests may not coincide with the rest of the family.

But, following the five tips above can significantly help in planning and implementing a successful vacation that will keep the teenagers excited and happy.  

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