David Fishof is the founder of Rock N Roll Fantasy Camps and he’s taken all he’s learned from the business of rock-and-roll and written a different kind of business book.

It’s really fun—with stories of his time with big rock stars like Steven Tyler and Roger Daltrey (who endorsed the book!)—but also inspiring to young entrepreneurs and recent business graduates who aren’t sure how to marry their degrees with their ambitions.


As I flew home to Los Angeles from Erie, Pennsylvania, I reflected on the amazing training program I had just completed for General Electric. Instead of General Electric hiring me to book a rock band to entertain their employees, the giant conglomerate asked me to create a “corporate rock-and-roll camp” for 250 of its employees, including higher-ups, engineers, and executives.

Nearly a dozen rock stars arrived into Erie for the one-day camp. I separated the employees into groups of 25, with each group matched with a different rock star. The stars included Mark Farner (lead singer/guitarist of Grand Funk Railroad), Lita Ford, and members of KISS, Boston, Whitesnake, etc.

The task for each group was simple—rewrite the lyrics to a song that was originally performed by the rock star and his/her band so that it was about the theme of the meeting or about the company, its clients, its competitors, etc. That’s what I call “imagination at work.” After toiling through rehearsals and practice in GE’s conference rooms, the employees were rewarded with a nice dinner with the rock star, followed by each group performing their revised song in front of their fellow employees.

We don’t normally think of the music business as a source of entrepreneurial insight, but we should.

The best bands have longevity, a depth of customer loyalty, and a level of profitability that puts most businesses to shame. And what they know—about marketing, partnerships, the power of bartering, and overcoming obstacles—isn’t taught in any business school.

David Fishof has lived at the center of the music business for more than 25 years. From his early successes in reuniting The Monkees and convincing Ringo Starr to launch his All Starr tour, to his current megasuccess as founder and CEO of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp™, Fishof has learned from the leading minds in the music business—and has applied this learning in one entrepreneurial venture after another. Filled with insights from Fishof’s amazing exploits in the music industry and seasoned with business tips from music legends, Rock Your Business provides important and original business insights from an unlikely source—the world of rock and roll. 

About the Author

Due to his original, successful, and exciting live shows over the past 25 years, David Fishof has earned a reputation as one of the most creative and innovative entertainment producers in the world.

Fishof reunited The Monkees and introduced them to a new generation of MTV fans, which led to some blowout tours. While working with Ringo Starr, Fishof helped create the All Starr Band concept, producing 8 All Star Band tours around the world. Fishof has also produced a variety of concert tours, including Dirty Dancing: The Concert Tour, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Tour, The Happy Together Tours, Classic Superfest, American Gladiators Live Tour, Mortal Kombat Live Tour, and the British Rock Symphony with feature vocalists Peter Frampton, Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, and Jon Anderson.

After years of producing rock tours across the globe, Fishof got the idea for the one-of-a-kind Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp™. His goal was to give music fans the opportunity to see their rock dreams become reality by learning from some of the most influential artists in the industry. That dream came to fruition when Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp™ hosted its first event in 1997. Since that time, Fishof has been giving individuals—whether they have musical ability or not—once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to live like a rock star and jam with their idols. Over the years, Fishof has brought some of the world’s top rockers to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp™—Bill Wyman, Bret Michaels, Brian Wilson, Cheap Trick, Dr. John, George Thorogood, Jack Bruce, Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh, Jon Anderson, Levon Helm, Max Weinberg, Meatloaf, Mickey Hart, Nick Mason, Nils Lofgren, Randy Bachman, Roger Daltrey, Roger Hodgson, Slash, Steve Vai, Steven Tyler, Todd Rundgren, and Vince Neil among them.

In the sports world, Fishof has represented legends such as NFL greats Phil Simms, Mark Bavaro, Vince Ferragamo, and Jack Reynolds, and baseball stars Lou Piniella, Dave Magadan, and Randy Myers. 

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