Dr. Marva T. Dixon, multi-awarded educator, speaker and students’ advocate, shares in her book, The Power of the 5 Ps: What Every Educator Needs to Know, valuable information, insights, strategies and tools she learned and applied throughout her journey in the public education arena. Dixon’s work, targeting teachers, paraprofessionals or administrators, is supported by current research and serves as a source of enlightenment and empowerment in an effort to address a crisis that plagues the future of America’s educational system. 

Dixon says that the number of educators leaving the field is increasing and alarming, even though teachers and administrators in America’s public schools are among the best educated and most experienced. She attributes the crisis to challenges with the onset of increased high stakes testing and accountability, discipline-related issues, and difficulties in meeting the varied needs of a growing diverse student population. She also stresses that the inability of many educators to understand and maneuver effectively through “the system” is another major reason for the massive exodus of many educators. 

Therefore, she labors to share her experiences and her framework of purpose (defined from two perspectives), policies, practices, people, and prayer, to help educators face challenges about the quality of education in America. She encourages all school district employees, particularly professional educators, to understand that schools are products of law. They must recognize that failure to understand how laws impact them individually and collectively can prove quite detrimental to their current and future employment and employability. 

Informative, systematic and pragmatic, The Power of the 5 Ps helps educators increase their chances of successfully working with the system and balancing personal and professional life, especially in a time of crisis. 

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About the Author

Dr. Marva T. Dixon retired from Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD) in June 2011 as the Executive Director of Innovation and Support responsible for several major areas. She started the first Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program in GPISD. She has also been an elementary and middle school teacher and served as a campus principal for 16 years.

Dr. Dixon served as the Co-chair for the Texas Commission on Standards for the Teaching Profession, now State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC). She also played a major role in developing the Accountability System for Educator Preparation Programs (ASEP) in Texas. Dr. Dixon is a published author and has served on numerous national, state and regional commissions and tasks forces.

She serves as an educational consultant, motivational and keynote speaker with numerous certifications, honors and awards. She is a native of Murfreesboro, N.C.

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