As we are all unfortunately learning very clearly in today’s tight job market, it is imperative that you be able to market yourself above others when competing for a job.  Depending on the position, you may be up against hundreds of applicants, so what do you do to stand out?  What will help you rise to the top of the list?

Knowing this is the world your kids will be facing once they grow up, you must do everything in your power to prepare them for this employment rat race.  With more and more young adults pursuing college and advanced degrees, it is almost becoming a necessity for your children to choose college as their next step after high school.

This preparation begins much younger than you may think.  Even as preschoolers, you can start creating habits and generating interests which will take them all the way through college and into the workplace.  The path to standing out and rising to the top of that list begins now!

Use that Smartphone

There are numerous apps out there that help develop early skills and enhance lessons being taught in school.  Kids are always begging for your phone anyway – let them get some job training in the process!

Bring in a Professional Tutor

Every child has their strengths and weaknesses.  If you see them struggling in a certain area, consider the help of a professional tutor to get them back on track and moving forward with their classmates. 

Explore the World around You

Do you ever wonder why baby toys have so many textures and colors?  It’s because kids, even as young as infants, love looking and touching.  There is so much to see and learn in the world around us, so get your kids active and out there!

Make Reading Routine

In those rare quiet moments at night, consider making it a habit to read a story right before bed.  Not only will this give you special memories with your children, but it will get them into the practice of reading and learning new words.

Turn Off the TV

We all fall into the temptation of turning on the television, watching in awe as your children’s eyes are glued to the screen, and then working frantically to get all your chores done in the 20 minute window you have before the show is over.  This is fine in moderation, but don’t rely on the television to raise or teach your children.

Kahn Academy

If you find yourself answerless on a difficult topic, consider utilizing the help of the Kahn Academy to help address those complex questions.

Make Some Crafts

Even if it’s not your thing, kids love getting dirty and making new things.  They learn vital skills from listening, following instructions, and being proud of their new creation.  Thanks to the internet, there is an unlimited supply of simple and cheap craft ideas — so do a quick search and get started!

Take Advantage of the Library

Yes, there are still libraries around!  Look at your local libraries event calendar and find a reading time or special event that will help spark your child’s interest in reading.


Despite the huge mess currently on your kitchen floor, kids really can be helpful!  They are always eager to do what we’re doing or to experience something new, so look to your local church or community organizations for ways to involve your kids in volunteering.

Group your Lessons

What kid listens the first time?  There are not many out there, and they don’t necessarily learn the first time either.  When choosing topics for these lessons, make it a week-long event.  Align your books, crafts, visits, etc. into your theme for the week.  This will increase their chances of remembering what they’re learning and will save you from having to come up with new ideas every day!