Maralee McKee is America’s Manners Mentor. ® Described as “Rachael Ray meets Emily Post” in her warm, best-friend style she shares simple, savvy, sincere skills for interacting with ease and turning self-consciousness into self-confidence.  

Maralee is the Manners Mentor for Warner Brother’s national morning show, The Daily Buzz and their HeadDrama blog.  Her advice has been quoted in newspapers throughout the country and magazines including: Women’s World, All You, Cooking Smart, Parenting, and Nick, Jr. 

She is the founder of Manners Mentor, Inc. and presents seminars which equip associates to represent themselves and their firm with ease, savvy, and confidence. She has partnered with hundreds of clients including: AT&T, Hyatt, Chick-fil-A, Gaylord Resorts, and State Farm Financial Services.   

Maralee’s modern manners classes for children and teens have gained national recognition. NBC news affiliates praised them as the one course, “That could change your child’s life.” In addition, she was profiled nationally as a Smart Woman expert in teaching manners and character to children.   

Manners That Matter for Moms is her debut book. In it she combines the timeless principles of thoughtfulness, respectfulness, and hospitality of grandmother’s etiquette and updates it to fit the needs of our casual, busy, techno-savvy families. It’s the how-to of raising children who grow-up to be caring, respectful, socially at-ease and well-liked adults.  

Maralee admits to the annoying habit of chewing small ice cubes when no one is around! Her etiquette pet peeve is people who talk on their cell phones—in the stalls of public bathrooms! She is a native of Orlando, a wife, and the mother of two boys.  

Taken from: Manners That Matter for Moms. Copyright © 2012 by Maralee McKee. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR. Used by permission.