Smart phones have continued to gain popularity around the world, leading to development of numerous educational apps for all grade levels and subjects. However, apps with high scholastic value may not be of great interest to most students; necessitating the teachers to find instructive chances in the apps that are of interest to the students.

Instagram, a popular mobile photo sharing app, was recently bought by Facebook at a cost of nearly 1 billion dollars. Amazingly, it reached a user base 30 million even before it got released to Android in April. It is most likely that students already use, know and love this app regularly.

How can Instagram be used in the classroom? 

It is important to note that, children below 13 years of age are not allowed to own an Instagram account. This is stated in their Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Instagram informs parents and students that they can view uploaded photos. With that being said, there is an option to make photos private, or making them available just to your followers. In addition to that, you can geotag your photos so as to inform others where the picture was taken. There is an option to turn off the geotag, so as to keep your location private.

Photography and art classes are known to have the most obvious apps including: lighting, subject matter and composition. For instance, a short unit on iPhoneography will help your students to learn the fundamentals of the art of photography. When the difficulty of camera settings is eliminated, the students will be in a good position to focus mainly on creating stunning photographs.

Instagram can also be used in linguistic intelligence, which involves the ability to learn languages, have compassion to written and spoken language, and the ability to use a language to achieve some set goals. This intelligence is applied when a student looks at a photo and then leaves an appropriate comment, expressing his or her feeling. With this, the students are able to observe a picture and make an opinion without being congested with text.

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is yet another area where Instagram can be applied. When the students are allowed to move around and take photos, bodily kinesthetic intelligence is already being used. Moreover, the students will learn the required body positions for taking a good photo. For instant, students will be able to know whether when they are standing on tiptoes, stretching out their bodies, or when they lower themselves on the ground will capture the best image.

Another field which Instagram can be used is that of logical mathematical intelligence which includes detection of patters, ability to evaluate a problem and think logically. This intelligence can be integrated through a lesson where a teacher asks the students to take some photos and crop or use a filter that will distort the image in a way and later post it to Instagram. After that, the students can be asked to guess what the original picture was through comments on each image.

The capability to comprehend the desires, motivation and intention of others can also be achieved through Instagram. This is referred to as the interpersonal intelligence. This intelligence can be effective by engaging the students in group work Instagram activities like “all about you classmate” activity, or a history scavenger hunt.

The field of spatial intelligence which is the ability to draw precise conclusions from observations made in the surrounding can also benefit from Instagram. This field involves interpreting and judging sizes, shapes, movements and relationships between objects in the surrounding. This intelligence can be used widely in a lot of Instagram activities.

Another field which Instagram would be of great importance is the intrapersonal intelligence. This is the ability to understand oneself and appreciate one’s fears, feelings and motivations. This intelligence is addressed through the act of allowing students to work independently and reflect on some of the pictures they capture and create.

In addition to all these applications of Instagram in a classroom environment, a teacher can also emphasize lessons outside the classroom by encouraging students to share photos whenever they encounter school related experiences. All these applications of Instagram are most likely to excite the students and their teachers too. The students can snap pictures whenever they come across a terminology in a magazine and when an advert uses a form of logical reasoning. They can then share these pictures with their classmates and teachers.

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