If you are a teacher at any given level of academics, the success of your students is very important and this means you must do all you can in order to help them improve memory skills. If a student has a good memory, it will help in ensuring that they are able to retain whatever you teach them, and that will help them to succeed and get good grades. However, like all of the other characteristics of the students in your classes, not every student has the same memory abilities. If you’ve been looking for ways to help all of your students improve memory skills, here are five that will work no matter where each individual student is at the time:

ñ Use imagery or pictorial techniques to explain important points to your students. It is always easier for people to remember images than words, especially during class time when there is a great deal of information to be covered. Use images that illustrate your points during a lecture, and ask your students to come up with examples of their own.

ñ If you have computer-assisted learning sessions, invest in professional memory improvement software like Ultimate Memory. This is software that has been designed to help students build their abilities to memorize, retain, and recall information, using exercises and targeted training routines. Your students can track their progress, and you can see where they need to make improvements.

ñ Encourage your students to spend adequate time in rest and relaxation, and to get enough sleep. There is a proven connection between time spent sleeping and the brain’s ability to store memories for later recall. If a student is suffering from lack of sleep, their memory and their grades will be affected. You may be able to work in rest breaks into longer classes.

ñ Rather than presenting information in large chunks, break it down into smaller topics. It will be easier for students to remember these smaller packets of information. Once they have learned all of the topics, you will be able to link them together to present the larger concepts.

ñ Many students bring snacks to class, but they are not always good for brain and memory health. Encourage your students to eat a healthy diet, and try to work with the school nurse or the cafeteria to provide healthy food for the student lunches. Many schools now ban the sale of high-sugar sodas and drinks, and set up water fountains instead. If your students get a good amount of exercise and a healthy diet, they will improve their memory, and you will enjoy teaching an active, alert, and responsive class.

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