Back-To-School season is a very hectic time.  Going from the slower paced summer months and jumping back into the school-year craziness can be a tough adjustment. 

Below are  a few tips that can help make that transition smoother and the upcoming school-year less stressful. 

  • Menu Planning

Spend twenty minutes each weekend with your schedule and plan out the weekly meals.  It is worth spending the time upfront and you will more than make up for it when you only need to do one grocery shop each week.  Using a menu planner like The Organized Family Menu Plan allows you to plan all family meals for the week including lunches, snacks and breakfasts.  While planning your menu, jot down the items you will need for each recipe and jot down any staples that you are getting low on.  Make sure you also shop your cupboards at the same time so that you are not buying duplicate items.  Not only does  Menu Planning save time  but it can help you stay on budget.  You will only need to buy what you need and you can plan around coupons or flyer specials.  Once your weekly menu plan is done, you won’t have to worry about what’s for dinner or lunch the rest of the week.  

  • Master Family Calendar

Have a master calendar in a well-trafficked visible spot in your house;  somewhere all family members can see it.  Keep track of every family member’s schedules.  The organized Family calendar is a great option as you can keep track of up to six schedules.  Each family member has their own row so it is easy to see who is doing what and when.  Make sure that as you make appointments that you are writing the dates on your calendar as soon as possible.  That way you are less likely to forget to do so.  What is great about a master calendar is that as your kids get older, they can be given responsibility for their own schedules which can help them learn how to manage their own time.  

  • Have a spot for paperwork

We all know that kids bring home a mountain of paperwork at the beginning of the school year and that is followed by lots of artwork throughout the year.  Make sure you have a designated spot for paperwork.  Use a binder or folder to file away important documents like contact forms.  For the paperwork that needs to go back to school, try and fill it out as soon as you get it and then put it back into your child’s backpack.  That way, it is done and you won’t need to worry about it again.  For art, a Memory Book like My Story is a great option.  It is undated so you can start it and use as many pockets as you need to for your child.  It’s a great way to save art pieces and other keepsakes such as report cards. 

  • Do everything the night before

Pack lunches, backpacks, homework, etc. all the night before.  The morning is hectic enough to add to.  The less you have to do in the morning, the better. 

Lindsay Harris is the Founder of Glow Baby, dedicated to providing unique and user-friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents. Glow Baby products are all about helping parents save time and reduce the stress of the day to day.

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