Your dreams for your children has always been that they be happy, healthy and have a high self-esteem. You also want them to discover their dreams, goals, passions, talents and a career to earn enough money to be independent, happy and successful in life.

The path to their career and financial independence starts in middle school all the way to college or technical school.

  • Ask yourself, what is my child going to need to do to get a degree on the way to the ideal career?

  • What study skills, time management and organization skills will my child need in business?

Last semester, I coached a college student in his 6th year of college. His mother told me he still had a year and half to go. I found out that the previous six years he would wait until 9 pm to start studying and then go to bed at midnight.  He would get so far behind in his classes that he would give up. He would either drop the class or fail. Either way, he had to retake the courses. This would attribute to his 6 years already in college.  And all these extra years of college are not free.

When we started working together the first thing I did was map out all the hours in a week, including the weekends, to see where his time was being spent from 8 am to midnight. He has a part time job to pay for his apartment and now tuition. When he got his class schedule for the semester, we put in the hours for classes, work, eating, sleeping, some leisure time to see what was left for study for the four classes he was taking. He had never used a daily planner or a monthly calendar. He didn’t know about adding to his calendar all the tests, quizzes and paper due dates from the syllabus of each class.  He didn’t know about counting back four weeks from the due date of his class paper to schedule a date that he would declare his topic, set another date, a week later, for research to be done, another date, a week later, for typing, editing, and printing, so he wouldn’t have to stay up all night before the paper was due. 

He didn’t know about organization of his papers by keeping his homework, quizzes and tests together with the course syllabus all in one notebook so he could use them to review for the final.  Going to get help, ideas and information from his professors was out of the question. Setting up or joining a study group to learn from the A students or asking them for help was also unthinkable.

These are skills that all employees need when they go to work: staying organized, keeping track of time, projects and due dates, take responsibility for actions, working in teams and getting clarification on projects from the boss. The best place to start learning these skills is in middle school, high school and college.  Where does your children stand?  

Jane Moughon, M.S., CPCJane Moughon, M.S. is CEO and Founder of Directions for Teens. She is a former professional recruiter, taught career development and is a Teen Career Coach.  Directions for Teens helps children along the path from middle school to career by offering classes, coaching and career compatability assessments.

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