No one wants to imagine the unthinkable happening to them, their family, or close friends. No one wants to think about a disaster striking their community, but being prepared is much better than being unprepared. When you have a plan in place to ensure things run smoothly, it will keep you prepared if an emergency hits. Here are the ten best items to place on your preparation checklist so you are prepared for an evacuation or any other type of emergency: 

  • Medication 

Pressing health concerns will demand having the proper medication. There is no way to know what emergency shelters will be able to provide to those with specific health concerns, risks, and needs. It is better to have an adequate supply of medication readily available. 

  • Bottled Water

The ability to find drinkable water might not be easy, so having your own supply is imperative for your survival.  

  • Freeze Dried Food 

Freeze dried food storage is easier to manage than bringing perishables. An emergency evacuation isn’t the time to be caught without enough nourishment, and you can’t trust that anyone else will be able or willing to feed you. Again, shelters might not have enough for the people they have to care for, so having your own supply of food is best.  

  • Money 

Cash will be important for any emergency. Credit and debit cards may not be usable as the power will most likely be out in the event of an evacuation.  

  • Entertainment

Books, paper and pens, magazines, or anything you might need to help keep your mind off the disaster is great at easing the stress. 

  • Important Papers 

You may need to prove who you are to the authorities during this hectic time, so be sure to bring items such as your birth certificate, photo ID, passport, health insurance cards, and social security card. These can help alleviate any hassles that might crop up about who you are and where you live.   

  • Clothing 

Having your own clothes to wear, and blankets to sleep in instead of what will be provided by an emergency shelter might provide a bit more comfort. Also bring some extra clothing and jackets to keep you comfortable and warm.  

  • Toiletries 

Maintaining cleanliness in an emergency situation can help stave off any sickness that may come with the evacuation due to a sudden disaster situation, so bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, towels, and shaving materials. While they may not seem that necessary given the circumstances, personal hygiene shouldn’t suffer in a disaster.  

  • Family 

Evacuation officials will be trying to hustle everyone to shelters and out of the danger zone. They may not have the time to make sure that every family is together and not scattered, because of the hectic conditions. While you need to hurry, you also need to make sure that everyone is together as there may not be another time, and you have no clue how officials will split people up. 

  • Miscellaneous

You should also pack a radio, extra batteries, playing cards, a bible, or anything of sentimental value. Once all the necessities are packed you should grab anything that you can’t absolutely live without. You don’t want to be over-packed, but you have no idea how long you will be away, or how the disaster will affect your home. This may be the last chance to save what you can.  

Using this checklist you can put together a survival pack for every member of your family, making sure that they have what they’ll need so they can quickly grab the pack and go when disaster is imminent. These packs should be checked and updated every few months to ensure items are working and ready. Staying prepared for danger is important, and this is how you can be prepared for and evacuation situation. 

Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and supports those ones that offer healthy alternative lifestyles to consumers.  She’s currently raising awareness about the importance of having a food storage and healthy emergency food supply through guest blogging.  This is done with the help of, a company that offers food storage solutions to consumers all over the globe. 

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