Heading back to school can be both a stressful and exciting time for students and parents alike.

There is the anticipation of what teachers you will get, classes you will be in and what new school supplies and clothing you will need to start the school year off right.

At Spreadshirt.com, we pride ourselves in offering our customers and partners the option of endless creativity and originality- whether it be from creating your own design, uploading a photo onto a product of your choice or selecting a pre-designed product from our large t-shirt shop!

When I was heading back to school I always looked forward to the annual back to school shopping trip my mom would take my brothers and I on. We didn’t have many options back then but my favorite part was always deciding what I would wear on my first day back.

I always wanted to look original but was never surprised if someone else showed up wearing the same leggings or shirt as I.   Luckily as more options have became available to us via ecommerce shopping such as Spreadshirt.com- kids no longer all have to look the same on the big first day back.

Here are some tips and suggestions of how to head back to school in an original way! 

  • Choose something you feel comfortable in and make it original 

The first day back is going to be a long one so be sure to wear something that you know you will feel comfortable in. You don’t want something too constricting or that makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps choose a 100% cotton t-shirt (that is breathable and available in a wide array of colors and sizes. Sometimes the mornings can be chilly so it never hurts to bring a zipper hoodie with you to keep warm at the bus stop. Add your own touch to any one of these products by adding a design of your choice from robots to sport themesand select unique areas like the hood, sleeve or pocket area. 

  • Select the right bag 

Sometimes the bag you carry to school or class may be more important than what you are actually wearing. This bag will more than likely be with you for the whole school year carrying all your important homework assignments. We offer a few different options the traditional backpack (with padded shoulder straps and a handy ear bud opening for headphones. For high-schoolers or college kids we offer a messenger bag) available in two colors and also a drawstring bag (for the little tikes or for those looking for simple bag to carry their soccer practice gear in. Add your child’s name, initials or favorite design to one of these bags for instant personalization and an easy way to identify who is who. Please have a look at some of predesigned bags selling in our accessories- bags shop. 

  • Design Ideas/Tips 

After you have selected your product, sometimes the most exciting part is deciding what you will put on it! At Spreadshirt the possibilities are endless however you need to remember a few key things. Select something that is school and or age appropriate, sometimes less is more, too much text or designs can take away from the end product, remember to select product and design combinations that complement each other. Think black designs on light colored shirts or yellow on bright blue for a bolder look. Combinations such as black designs/text on dark colored shirts like purple do not show up well same as white text or designs do not show up well on light or pale colored products.

Kristina Michniak – Global Apparel Manager at Spreadshirt

Worked at Spreadshirt 6.5 years and graduated from Philadelphia University with degree in Fashion Industry Management.


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