What do you do when someone says that your writing is not that good? Go back and sulk? Break down and blame yourself?

If you do so then let me tell you that it’s time for you to buck up and stop performing such foolish acts! Yeah it hurts when someone makes fun of your effort but if you don’t want the same scenario to repeat again and again, work hard and try to grasp the art of good writing.

There are a few tricks that you can follow to improve your writing. Before I start with sharing those tricks, one must know that there is no quick short cut way to improve your writing skills; but hopefully the following suggestions will help you improve your writing quality. Go through all the points carefully.

  • When someone says that you don’t write well, ask him/her about your mistakes and why they don’t like your writing. Frankly speaking, ask for the specifics. Are my phrases not correct? Do I Use wrong words or synonyms? Is my punctuation poor? This will help you know your mistakes. Work hard on those mistakes and make sure that next time these mistakes won’t repeat.
  • Sometime it happens that a writer writes without understanding the topic. When you are given a keyword, make sure that you have researched it well and is clear about the whole concept. This will make your task easier.
  • Avoid using long sentences. It is better to use short sentences for emphasizing ideas. Long sentences make a writing sound boring or wearisome.
  • Use active verbs as much as possible. No need to overwork the passive voice. Your writing will have less error if you make use of active verbs in the active voice.
  • Nouns and Verbs plays crucial role in all types of writing. Make sure that you convey the message to your readers clearly by using concrete and specific words that will help them understand the sole purpose of your writing.
  • Don’t forget that variety is the spice of writing. Bring some variation in your style of writing. This will help your writing stood in a better position and readers will also love going through your different styles of writing.
  • After you are complete with your writing, revise the whole thing. When revising, eliminate unnecessary words. It is a fact that many articles are declined for silly reasons and because of a failure to revise it. Proofreading helps one find out silly mistakes for which an article gets rejected. Read your piece of writing loudly and make sure that it sounds good.

Hopefully, these tricks will help you write a better article; at least better than your previous one. Apart from these above mentioned suggestions, always memorize 6 points before you start with writing on any topic –

  • Who am I writing for?
  • Decide on your ideas
  • Jot down those ideas
  • Now write and flesh out your ideas
  • Proofread the writing
  • Lastly request someone to go through your piece of writing.

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