Although some memory techniques are not very exciting, it is certainly possible to have fun with memory improvement. For instance, the Ultimate Memory software system and many other reputable memory training programs come with a wide variety of games. The different games are meant to exercise several different parts of the brain and memory functions, including the left and right brain as well as short term, long term, and working memory. 

Typical short term memory games will present you with a set of information for about 60 seconds before you begin playing the game. The object of the game is for you to remember as many items as you can from the information that was presented to you before you began playing the game. For instance, if it’s a word recall game, you are supposed to try and remember as many words as you can from the original list of words. Similarly, if a game is meant to enhance spatial memory, you will be required to remember where certain objects appear in the pattern. 

Besides memory games there are other ways to have fun with memory improvement. According to the book “Emotional Intelligence” by psychologist Daniel Goleman, laughter enables you to be more open-minded, increases memory capacity, and improves focus and attentiveness. This is probably due to the fact that laughter relieves stress and depression which are common causes of memory loss. So if you are looking for a fun way to improve memory, listen to some jokes or watch a comedy show on TV. It might not seem like much at the time but it will be beneficial in the long run. 

Another fun way to improve memory is by socializing and interacting with others. Studies by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health show that people with more active social lives experience a slower rate of memory decline, even in old age. In fact, interacting with others is an excellent way to improve your ability to recall names and faces. In order to take advantage of the memory benefits of socializing, volunteer or join a club and see or call your friends more often. 

Memory improvement doesn’t have to just be about learning complex mnemonic techniques, it can be fun as well. With the right kind of memory software such as Ultimate Memory, memory training won’t seem like a task in your already long to-do list. You will find yourself looking forward to your daily memory training sessions! 

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