Preparing your child for post-secondary education can be a little overwhelming and even stressful at times.

This is something that tends to be overlooked until a child’s last year of high school – but to be fully prepared you should start preparing your child much earlier.

This article will explain some of the things you can do to ensure your children are properly prepared for a university or college education.

1. Start a Registered Education Savings Plan: Whether you are planning on having children in the near future, or have children who are already in school, it is never a bad time to start a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) with your financial institution. Post-secondary education is by no means cheap, and the price of tuition continues to rise every year.

While grants and scholarships are great, it is not always guaranteed that children will receive them. Starting an RESP for your children will guarantee that they will have money to put towards their education whether they choose to attend college or university. This is the first step in preparing them for post-secondary school.

2. Consider Private School: If you have young children or children who are getting ready for high school, consider enrolling them into a private school. Private schooling can offer many benefits to your children, especially those wanting to continue their education after high school.

Private schools will teach your children proper discipline and will teach them how to be more independent. As well, your children will learn proper study habits which will lead to higher grades and more focused learning. This will open doors to your children getting accepted into top quality post-secondary schools. Enrolling your children into private school can help better prepare them for university or college.

3. Foster a Love of Learning: For those of you who still have very young children, it is important to teach them how to enjoy learning. Fostering a love of learning in your children will help lay down the foundation for your children’s future educational endeavours. As they grow, they will develop good study habits, and enjoy going to class and learning new things.

This can create a curious nature within them, encouraging them to continue their education after high school. As well, if your children enjoy learning, they will more than likely be more committed to completing projects and homework which will better prepare them for the workload that comes with a university or college education.

4. Enroll Your Children in Extracurricular Activities: By signing your children up for extracurricular activities when they are younger, you are teaching them to explore their interests and hobbies a little further. Continuing this throughout their childhood and adolescence will help them learn what they enjoy doing and even possibly may help them decide what they want to do in the future.

When you have a goal in mind, or a path that you want to explore, it makes starting post-secondary school much easier. It can be overwhelming to choose a school without having a hint of an idea of what you want to do in life or even what you want to study. However, keeping your kids active and involved from a young age can really help them develop a strong sense of self which will better prepare them for future schooling.

5. Seek Outside Advice: No matter what you do to help prepare your child for college or university at any age, sometimes it helps to seek some input or advice from an outside source, especially if your child will be a first generation student.

Friends, family or colleagues may have good input as to what some of the best schools are, what they did to help prepare their children, or even what they did themselves when they decided to go to post-secondary school. As well, your child’s guidance counselor may have some great tips for your child to help prepare him or her for their next steps in their educational careers.

They can help with choosing schools, helping choose career paths, and even helping your child choose proper courses that will lead them down the path they desire in terms of post-secondary school. Take advantage of your child’s resources at school as they offer great support.

Adelaide Irene is a freelance writer with interests in parenting and education advice and home improvement projects. She also works with Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute – a private school in London, Ontario.


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