If your child loves playing outside, there’s always a big chance that he might suffer from nasty insect bites. With mosquitoes, fleas, and other bugs just around the corner, it’s best to keep your child protected from these critters. After all, a tiny bite can lead to red rashes or impetigo. It can also lead tomuch worse illnesseswith the mosquito-carried strains of West Nile Virus and Malaria. Keep your little ones protected from the great outdoors by following these tips on how to shield your child from having insect bites:

Liberally apply insect repellent on your child’s skin

If your kid wants to go play outside, then what you should do is smear copious amounts of insect repellent on his body, including the face and behind the ears. For commercial preparations, make sure to buy a product that only contains less than 10% of DEET. Avoid applying DEET repellents on broken skin to prevent skin allergies.

If you want a safe and organic repellent, then you can create a repellent right at the comfort of your own home. Mix Witch Hazel oil with 15 drops of Citronella oil, 15 drops of Lemongrass oil and 12 drops of Lavender oil.Mix the oils together and transfer the solution to a spritzer so you can apply the repellent easily.

Dress your child in light-colored apparel

Before going out, dress your child in clothes that can cover him up from insect bites, such as long-sleeved tops, long pants, hats and closed shoes. Make sure the clothes are colored lightly so you can easily spot the insects and immediately spat them away before they get a chance to bite your kid.

Avoid washing your child with sweet-scented toiletries.

While you might love the scent of perfumed soaps, oils and lotions on your kid, the fact of the matter is the fragrance can attract more insects to swarm on your child. After all, they will think that they’re honing on honeysuckle flowers and sweet honey. If you’ve scheduled an outdoor play date with your child, lather him up with regular soaps and lotions. For best results, you can use an insect repellent soap such as Bug Me No More, complete with bug-shielding compounds such as Citronella, Lavender, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil.

Place insect screens around your home

If you have big doors and windows that welcome bugs with open arms, it’s best to cover these openings with a fine-meshed insect screen. If you can’t cover all the openings around your home, then make sure to place a screen around your baby’s crib or your child’s bed.

Keep your child’s bedroom or playroom well ventilated.

Moving air from a fan keeps your child cool during the hot summer days, as it can also keep insects and bugs at bay. While this is an effective way of shielding your kid from pesky insect bites, make sure to place the fan in a safe area to prevent your curious tot from reaching it.

As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child from opportunistic bugs. Just remember to follow these tips on how to shield your child from having insect bites and you can give him a fun, insect-free playtime wherever, whenever.

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