To prepare students for the back to school craze, CengageBrain, a part of Cengage Learning, has compiled a list of five must-have smartphone applications that will help students organize, prioritize and add convenience to their lives during the school year. In addition, check out the CengageBrain blog, CengageBrainiac, for even more apps that will help balance the college lifestyle!  

  • iStudiezPro: If a paper planner is not for you, this application will help keep your life organized with just the touch of a button. The features allow students to stay on top of their daily schedule with a day-to-day planner, keep a calendar for future appointments and assignments and even follow a tracker of their grades and GPA.  
  • Expenditure: Budgeting is a key skill for the majority of college students since many are paying off school loans, so the Expenditure app allows users to keep track of all their finances in one place. Users can calculate a budget by plugging in expenses such as rent, books, gas and groceries so you don’t overdraw your bank account and are aware of how much money you have for the fun things. 
  • Evernote: Listed as a “must-have” application by Time Magazine, Evernote syncs your data with all devices (computers, phones, tablets) and allows users to save everything from mind blurbs and ideas to things that you like so that you may remember them for later. It also allows users to organize their thoughts and projects so they are easily accessible. 
  • iHomework: Staying on top of coursework and assignments is key to succeeding in college, so iHomewok is a paperless alternative to keeping track of coursework throughout the semester. The application allows users to add assignments, projects and reminders for upcoming tests and quizzes and organizes each addition by course. Contact information for professors and fellow students can also be stored in the app to make staying in touch a breeze. 
  • Questia: Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, released an application to allow users to browse content from their smartphone or iPad. Students can access research on-the-go and write better research papers faster. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available to best fit your budget and even non-subscribers will receive access to over 5,000 free public domain books with this free application.

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