, a search engine that provides easy access and discovery of more than 50,000 online, career-advancement and life enrichment courses, launched today. Founder and entrepreneur Nick Gidwani created the site to be a one-stop shop for skill-based training. organizes online courses from more than 200 providers in easy-to-navigate categories. It’s a place where people can browse and register for courses to increase their earnings by learning a new skill or building on existing skill. The staff at works with industry experts to review listed courses and posting evaluations.

According to Gidwani, there are a growing number of young people who have been priced out of higher education. Many of those who have a degree have found that its value no longer guarantees a good-paying career in their field of study. Millennialls typically have excellent computer skills, but they lack specific and marketable skills. The premise of is to get these young people “skilled up” so that they can take control of their career paths and help America compete against professionals from other countries who provide services remotely.

“U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show there are 3.4 million people between the ages of 20 and 29 looking for work,” says Gidwani. “But college graduates often lack specific skills employers are requiring in emerging fields like web design, social networking, content marketing and other specialties.”

Since 2002 the unemployment rate among 20 to 29 year olds has increased 64 percent. Gidwani says that economic conditions are a big factor, but his personal experience with hiring young people proved that colleges haven’t caught up to employer needs. Online courses not provided by universities are often taught by seasoned professionals and are an affordable alternative to paying for college credit. There are more than 15,000 free classes listed and 24,000 courses under $50 listed on

Gidwani is the founder of CarZen, the leading car research app for the iPad. Previous to that, he was in a Strategic Development role at WebMD and worked as an Analyst at Bain Capital. Nick graduated from MIT where he chaired the Management Association and founded the Formula Racing Team. He has made multiple television appearances on FoxNews, ABC News and The Daily Buzz. team is distributed throughout the world, including the United States, India, Russia and Brazil. More information can be found at


High School Students (US) – is where motivated high school students come to get ahead of their peers and possibly even generate some income from freelance work.

College Students (US) – Many college students come to the realization that they are not learning skills that are marketable after graduation. Online courses added to a resume will make a job candidate stand out.

Post-College and Underemployed – This may be the demographic segment that has grown the most in recent years. These people include stay-at-home moms and those hoping to take a step up in their career.

Small Business Owner – The owner/operator of a business uses to find course that introduce them to new topics that help improve their business. They also can find training courses for the career development of employees.

Freelancers – The technology and graphic design spaces are constantly evolving. Freelancers visit to find courses on the latest software and web development platforms.

Foreign-based Outsourcing Company – Companies outside of the US that want to market business services use to find online training for employees.

Generation-Y Motivated – These oft underemployed people are looking for free ways to master new skills. has thousands of free courses listed.

Baby Boomer, Not Tech Savvy – This is a person who doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or setup their e-mail in Outlook, but their employer is now requiring these skills.

Foreign-based College Students – College course offerings that offer specialized skills can be rare in foreign countries. These students come to for those courses.

Foreign-based Post-College, Underemployed – and its 50,000 online courses provide a way for people to keep busy and gain new skills. 

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