Do you ever feel like everyone around you is succeeding, leaving you behind feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with your life?

Don’t be that person who dreams of success but never quite gets there. As a successful chartered accountant and owner of his own accounting company, Patrick Daniel understands that real victory in the ‘business of life’ comes from achieving success both professionally and personally. His inspiring book, Finding Your Road to Success – How to get there without getting lost, shares a step-by-step approach to building roadmaps that lead straight to the top!

Patrick Daniel became independently wealthy by the young age of 30 – a fact that validates his credentials for writing a self-help motivational and inspirational book that is filled with great lessons, personal experiences, and strategically-placed quotes, from both unknown and famous individuals, that support tips to encourage readers to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams. 

While many of us work hard to reach success, we often get lost along the way for a variety of reasons. Finding Your Road to Success is interactive in the sense that it gets you thinking about your life. As you read, you find yourself analyzing exactly where you are in your life versus where you want to be; the more pages you read the more you discover who you are and what true success really means to you – and you get the tools to steer you in the right direction.

The author demonstrates how it’s possible for anyone to achieve success and he willingly shares the secrets to happiness, wealth and ultimate success in his book. Written in simple terms that make for easy reading, he uses entertaining stories from his own life experiences as lessons in this well-written, basic guide for anyone wanting to begin their journey on the path to a successful life.

Patrick’s mantra, ‘life is filled with solutions, not problems,’ is at the core of his ‘glass half-full’ attitude that makes Finding Your Road to Success a must-read for anyone needing a shot of optimism. A rarity of sorts, the author realized at a very young age that true success is achieving goals that go way beyond monetary and his book shatters all notions that success is a myth!

Patrick Daniel is a successful chartered accountant and owner of his own accounting company, author, featured radio guest, life coach, sought-after speaker, and an avid volunteer for numerous organizations and charities that benefit children and poor families.

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