Scientists have discovered a significant causal relationship between success and communication. Empirical results have proven that successful people command powerful vocabularies and effective communication skills. Word power is essential for effective communication because word power does not merely include learning and expanding your vocabulary, but understanding the meanings of words and the ability to use them in the correct context. Unless words are used in the proper context, miscommunication can arise because incorrect usage of words will lead to connotations different than the ones that you are trying to convey.

Power words are words that have the greatest impact when used correctly. Professionals and students alike need to build a power vocabulary in order to succeed at school or in the workplace. Word power is the most important tool to help you understand people better and to transmit your own ideas more successfully. At times, even extremely talented and intelligent individuals experience workplace conflicts since they are unable to understand their coworkers and have trouble getting their own ideas across. This is because they’re not using the right words to express their ideas. This is exactly why, if you need to develop effective communication skills, you first need to develop a powerful vocabulary.

In order to be able to convey your true thoughts to others, without generating any confusion, you need to build a vocabulary of intelligent, relevant words and you need to understand exactly what they mean. The trick is learning multiple meanings of the same word, with the focus being on contextual learning. Reading nonfiction books and newspapers is a good way to learn new vocabulary, since newspapers use the vernacular that is characteristic of powerful business individuals. Newspapers also help you understand the meaning of words in context. The more words you know correctly, the more improvement you will experience in your verbal expression.

Power words are also important in achieving college success. Many undergraduate and graduate schools require students to take standardized tests as part of their entry requirements. Both the GRE and the SAT feature verbal reasoning sections that measure your ability to effectively read and comprehend passages, as well as sentence completion exercises that test your ability to use words in context. Students with word power are guaranteed to achieve higher scores on these sections, which in turn translates into higher overall scores and better chances of getting accepted in the school of their dreams.

Power words are crucial in determining success. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a powerful vocabulary, try the vocabulary software available through Ultimate Vocabulary, which provides learning strategies and tools to ensure successful and smart learning.

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